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  1. Have just purchased a 250 EXC Racing 4 stroke but am having a hard time finding people who offer aftermarket upgrades for this bike. Any good sources out there for upgraded mufflers, jetting kits, and other accessories ? El Mudo
  2. I'm interested in a KTM 250EXC as a replacement for my aging XR-250R, but I got a few questions. This particular model appears to be available as either a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke. I am only interested in the 4 stroke version - does it have a unique model number ?? Over what years was the 4 stroke model built ?, does the 4 stroke have electric start ? I don't understand why KTM would build both a 2 stroke version and a 4 stroke version and give both of them the exact same name. Am I missing something ?? How would you compare the 4 stoke 250EXC to the XR-250R ? Thanks, Peter vR
  3. El Mudo

    TE-250 verses XR-250R & CRF-250X

    Yes, you did mention a plate, but I have no idea what this is ? Could you give me a clue ? El Mudo
  4. I am close to purchasing a TE-250, but would like to hear from riders who have experience with both the XR-250R and CRF-250X. I presently have a street registered XR-250R, but want something with an electric starter. My question is - does the engine of the TE-250 deliver power more like the XR or the CRF. I have ridden both, and there is quite a difference. I really like the tractor like quality of the XR. While the CRF is an excellent bike, its torque curve is entirely different. Which one is closest to the TE-250 in terms of engine response. Other camparisons to the XR also welcome. Thanks, El Mudo