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  1. BruceK

    Show your PIG

    This was taken at the Carrizo Plains.
  2. BruceK

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Here's my dualsported 01 cruising on a rock highway.
  3. BruceK

    xr650r petcock seal

    xjz, its the internal seal. I also played the flip side. But I think its only a matter of time before it starts coming apart. I'm afraid I'll be out in the middle of nowhere and start having problems. That's why I'd like to replace the seal with a new one.
  4. BruceK

    xr650r petcock seal

    Checked Bike Bandit. They also just show the complete petcock assembly.
  5. BruceK

    xr650r petcock seal

    My bike is puking gas out of the overflow tubes. Long story short, the seal in the petcock is deteriorating and sending rubber downstream to clog the float valve. Where can I find a seal. I've inquired at two Honda dealers and they said the parts fiche only offers a complete petcock, about 52 bucks. Thanks.
  6. BruceK

    xr650r fuel filter?

    While changing to a larger gas tank, I discovered the fuel filter attached to the fuel petcock is toast, deteriorated with big holes in the mesh. Anybody run an inline fuel filter? How? The gas line to the carb is really short. Thanks.
  7. Just did mine a week ago. Air tools are the way to go!!
  8. BruceK

    Grip strap

    I just bought an 01 xr650r. It doesn't have any place to grab it in order to pick the rear end other than the muffler or rear fender. Does anybody make a grip strap for this bike? This would be useful to reposition the rear wheel if your stuck in a hole or rut. Thanks.