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    TE300 2-stroke

    You guys from Canada were a very fine bunch to ride with! Love the fact that everyone was chomping at the bit to ride. We made the most of the day. I, too, thoroughly enjoyed myself. There just is nothing better than riding great trails, with a great group of guys who can ride like the wind. Mike Pohl

    Got a knock

    I ordered parts from Midwest Action Cycle. Best prices I've found local or net, and service and delivery is top notch. FOUND THE PROBLEM! Where the front cam chain plastic guide rests, at the bottom of the case, was broken off. The only way to see it is to remove the flywheel. The result is that the guide is free to vibrate and rub against the guide. It was a self-inflicted wound, as somehow the cam chain wrapped around it when I was reassembling my top end. When I kick started the bike, it snapped it off. Thanks for all the help, everyone! Hope this never happens to you!

    Got a knock

    Code, Thanks man. Just ordered replacement cam chain, hew cam chain guides, compression spring. Will report back once I get this stuff installed.

    Got a knock

    After reassmbing my engine, I now have a Knock. Engine runs fine, other than the knock. Have had a very competent factory mechanic take it apart and he says it's coming from the top end. Thinking it might be auto compression release not working right or need to replace cam timing belt (has 300+ hours on it). Anyone run into this problem and solved it? Thanks!

    Bike steaming out of left rad

    I just had this problem with my Right Side radiator. You probably have a pinhole leak that can't be seen by the naked eye. The only way to tell for sure is to go to an auto parts store and buy a $20 kit that has dye and a black light. You add a VERY small amount of dye (1/2 a teaspoon) to your radiator, shut out you lights, run the engine, and then shine the blacklight flashlight and look for a glowing spot (mine was the size of a pinhead...looked like a small ember burning.) Then you either solder it shut yourself (might try jb wedls, too) or bring it to a radiator repair shop.

    Steaming x

    Rmoore, New gaskets. A top flight mechanic I know thinks the pinhole is large enough to be causing the steaming problem (I have had the bike 5 years and this steam is new...it normally can idle all day with no steam). I plugged the pin hole with solder and covered that with epoxy. Still have to test it to see if steam is gone. The Honda parts fiche lists the Water Passthough collar, but you are right, there's no place for it to go on the bike (on my Athena 280 cylinder anyway). And the Honda Service Manual makes no mention of the collar nor does it show it. Odd conflict in the documents. I know it is not the problem. Will confirm after I test it warmed up. Thanks for the valuable insights.

    Steaming x

    rmoore, Thanks for this. I just did the UV leak test as you suggested (very clever!). The only thing that showed up was a very, very small (smaller than the head of a pin) UV light return near the top left side of the radiator. I could also see the dye in the overflow tank...and on my finger. In the dark, I could also see my head pipe glowing a dull, dark red, even though I was running at a fast idle. This tells me I've got an overheating problem and now, I really doubt that I have a radiator leak. The steam comes from all over the front of the radiator and the aluminum is showing signs of discoloration over about 1/3 of the fins from what looks like overheating. My next step is to take the cylinder off and see if I missed putting in what is called a Water Pass Collar, which fits on the bottom of the cylinder. Somehow I think I forgot to put that in and the water isn't fully circulating through the engine. Stay tuned, as I will eventually solve this and post the solution for someone else to benefit from.

    280 big bore???

    I have an '06 and have put a couple hundred hours on it running Enduro's and Hare Scrambles. Have not had any reliability or overheating issues that can be traced to the Athena. It adds just the right amount of oomph in the bottom/mid to allow the bike to pull harder, sooner, out of corners. The front tire involuntarily rises a few inches off the ground during hard acceleration out of corners in the woods, whereas it would not do that before. There is a very slight increase in the vibs. I got 200 hours on the stock (Athena) piston. I drag raced a buddy with a WR450 on dirt and we were nose-to-nose until probably 55mph. It won't turn your X into a 450, but it just seems to be an overall more competent bike. Obstacles and hills are that much easier to negotiate, since you carry more momentum. Honda really should build a CRF-300X as the ideal off road bike.

    Steaming x

    Boys, It's not grease or oil...it is steam and it looks like it is coming up from the entire front side of the radiator. It also could possibly be only coming up from the bottom, since the steam rises and comes up the front of the radiator. No liquid coolant traces can be seen, just a large amount of steam. The radiator has been squished on the right side (the furthest right column), but it worked fine last year and this problem just came up after reassembling the entire cylinder. Could I have left a part out of the cylinder/crank connection that as a result restricts the flow of coolant? Or is it a damaged radiator? If you had this problem, please let me know what the solution is. Thanks!
  10. ACESMN

    Steaming x

    The radiator is full (twice drained, replaced and burped). The head is clean and the radiator is clean. Lots o steam coming up. I am wondering if I somehow blocked a coolant line inside the engine or didn't replace a part between the cylinder and base.
  11. ACESMN

    Steaming x

    After putting in a new piston and reassembling my bike, I now have steam coming up from the right side radiator. There doesn't appear to be a leak, as the entire radiator steams up within a a couple minutes of starting the bike. Thanks for your help! Mike
  12. ACESMN

    Anyone ever replaced their starter?

    Thanks for the tip, but i don't want to go ot hassle of talking this thing apart and stick in a used starter motor (which might last a week or forever-who knows?). Looking for anyone who's gone through this, because maybe it's not my stater motor afterall but the starter clutch assembly. I'm not sure what to look for once I am in there digging around. So, if you've trod this path before, tell me what you did and how it turned out.
  13. My starter went kaput. Looks like i need to have it rebuilt or replace the whole thing. Any tips or suggestions?
  14. ACESMN

    Weird starter problem

    My 2006 250 X electric starter gave up the ghost, but I was able kick start it for a while. But now the kick starter won't "catch" when kicked. It simply pushes through it's stroke and sounds and feels like I am turning over an electric motor. I'm guessing the starter clutch is staying engaged or won't release. If you had this problem, what is the solution? Rebuild the starter? New starter? Thanks, any help much appreciated. Mike
  15. ACESMN

    05 250x rotor/pad change

    I've found that the OEM brake pads are better than the aftermarket pads. I've tried both EBC Red and Black, but they don't have the same feel or power of the stockers. And the stock pads last longer.