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  1. Wondering if any of these frames are the same, just wondering for personal reference.. thanks guys
  2. So if you need any custom vinyls made, shoot me an e-mail @ runner41612@msn.com. I can pretty much do any type of graphic. Lettering for your trailer, car, boat, images, can turn picture into custom vinyl. Like i said shoot me an email with an idea of what only thinking and i can send you pricing. Let me know guys. Thanks
  3. exactly... If you have an actually honda motor they make a lil difference, if you have honda knockoff, they dotn affect as much....
  4. welll depending on his size, and his ridign ability you ned to decide what call he is going to run... If your son is a smaller kid you make want to start him off in the 50 class, in that case you want a cobra 50... If he is bigger is is pretty good at riding i would def say go with the Rm65.. good luck with the secision:ride:
  5. Why would you buy another SSR shock for 150 when u broke one already, get an i shock its worth the extra money...
  6. High rise bars would be my first choice before anything else....
  7. that thing looks sweet.. best of both worlds,, how much are they?
  8. Cool.. thanks for the post guys:thumbsup:
  9. nobody else has a Dr350... .come on post a pic of your bike!!!
  10. OK, so i guy i know just bought this bike and only has rode it once, he needs money really bad and said he would sell it to me fro 600 bucks. My thumpstar is apart right now, because i am working on it, and the weather has been so nice, and i want to ride so bad. Just wanted to see what you guys thought about the bike, i think its pretty decent other then the lifan engine sucking, but you can fix the problems that it has. Let me know guys.. Thanks http://wholesale-cycle.com/pir1.html
  11. First off, you say you want more travel in the rear suspension, but a stiffer spring isnt going to do that for you. Personally i would convert the rear suspension the a long travel swing arm. You will get a ton of travel out the suspension. There are many kits available to do the conversion, just do so searching. As far as tires go i a a firm believer of the starcross tires.. i love them Tires are kind of a personal preference, check out a bunch of different tires, and determine which will be the ebst for you.... good luck with the upgrades!
  12. Whats up mean gene.. your on here too, meat him on Max Suzuki first!! MEAN GENE is the best at polishing, and he is going to took me up with soem tips, because he is awosme. ...
  13. ok, that wasnt hard... thanks buddy
  14. ok, well lets sell, i will give it a shot....
  15. OK So what do you guys think would be the better biek to purchase? A 2005 SSR 125 C4 $600 Or A 2005 Thumpstar 110 $600 Both of the bikes are in about the same condition, and they are both the same price... Just wanted to get some peoples opinions on which is the better buy.