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    Strange noise from 06 CRF450

    i have also bought a crf 450 06 this past saturday and had the same problems u did but with that weird grinding noise the wheel begaN To spin like it was trying to engage into a gear i thought it was in gear and when i went to put it in nuetral i found that it was... it only did it warming up once after the very first ride which i put 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hrs on it so i thought it might be the metal shavings in the oil being new and all, i changed the oil let it warm up on the stand no problems, but back at my track when i stopped for a break and then when to WARm it up again it did it again but wouldnt move becuase of my wheight on it ... i took it back to the dealer today but the mechanics there have no idea so ... alls i have to do is add more oil?