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    i just checked their website and they offer numbers/backgrounds for the KX250s back through '96
  2. keevo


    i've happy with my set from Attack Graphics ordered through rockymountainatv for around $30. Good fit and very durable.
  3. keevo

    F*in Air Screw

    Thanks for the info but now I've gotta sink more money into this money pit of mine. I bought my bike used it thought it was weird that the fuel screw did didn't have any tension, but figured the 2 strokes must be different. Luckily my screw hasn't fallen out... yet. Aparently the friction gods have been looking over me
  4. keevo

    Idle adjustment new 06 KX250

    Good point Chokey. I have not experiemented with the various needles and after my battle with throttle connector seizing in the slide, im a little hesitant to start. What year KX do you have? My 05 doesnt list the N3WE as an option. While looking up the needles, I noticed that there are also optional slides available. Has anyone experimented with different slides?
  5. keevo

    Idle adjustment new 06 KX250

    This has also been my experience with my KX. When the idle is set up it tends to surges during engine braking, loads up easier and is less responsive with partial throttle openings. With the idle adjusted down where it will only idle 5-10 seconds the response is crisp everywhere while still having enough idle to prevent it from stalling under normal riding conditions. I've come to the conclusion that since the KX is a full-blown race bike the engine and carb design are not optimized for extensive idling.
  6. keevo

    carb slide needle cap wont budge!!!

    Mikeee, for what its worth my luck ran out when I started putting the carb back together. The slide wouldnt go all the way in and on visual inspection I noticed that the top of the slide was bulging out slightly. I think it bent while grabbing the connector with needlenose pliers and not from the heat alone though. I knew there were risks involved but I needed to move the needle clip to cure my on-going plug fouling problem and figured even worst case senario I could salvage the needle and clip. Fortunately several blows from the hammer was all it took to re-shape the slide well enough to move smoothly without binding. The fouling problem is cured at last, just need to get a throttle connector on order as mine is pretty mangled but functional
  7. keevo

    carb slide needle cap wont budge!!!

    Still wouldnt budge after 10 min in a 300 degree oven, but it screwed right out after cooking it again @400!!! Thanks for the help. Gonna try some anti-seize on it for next time
  8. Last night I took my carb out of the 05 kx250 to rejet and lower the raise the needle clip. Everything was going smooth until I started trying to remove the cap that threads into the slide in order to gain access to the needle. I made short work of rounding of the hex head, so I tried pliers, to no avail. Picked up some needle-nose vise grips today, able to get a decent grip on it but it still wont even budge. Anyone seen or heard of this? I just had it off about 2 months ago and didnt have any trouble. Its not left-hand threaded is it? It seems as though it oxidized to the slide. Please tell me I'm doing something stupid. If not, does anyone know if the slide and cap are available through any aftermarket manufacturers?
  9. keevo

    Broken kickstarter

    Mine took about a week and a half. As luck would have it mine came in the day after my race so I had to run my old bike. I try to be more careful with the replacement but I think there was a problem with the alloy used in the original to make it fracture like mine did. Plus a buddy of mine has abused the kick lever on his WR250 with a similar lever design alot more than I ever have and his is still going strong.
  10. keevo

    Broken kickstarter

    Yes, I have an 05 KX250 and mine broken near the pivot earlier this year. When I ordered a replacement from Ronayers the original part# had been superceded 3 times some I assume a defect was identified in the original kickstart lever and has been revised. I havent had any problems with the replacement so far.
  11. Does anyone make a larger rear fender for an 05 KX250? With all the rain lately, I'm getting tired of roosting on myself
  12. Ok, to update anyone that may be interested... After doing a top end and breakend on my 2005 KX250 I'm getting 190 PSI, 150 PSI before rebuild using same compression tester so I'm glad I did it. On the clutch issue after much head scratching I noticed that the shim/washers that the release bearing rides on are available in two thicknesses on kawasaki.com. I ordered one of the 1mm and 1.5mm. Adding the extra 1mm washer took out the slack so that my clutch cable can be adjusted properly and thus elimating the clutch drag. This is also described in the Kawi Service Manual that I finally received. Thanks again for everyone's input
  13. What's the prefered float height on an 05 KX250? I've got a service manual on order but would like to take a look at the jetting and float height this weekend. Also whats the best way to get the carb out? I took it out from the left side but looking back it seems like it would be easier to remove the header and take it out the right side.
  14. Great discussion guys and I agree that there are too many varibles involed to compare compression between bikes. Accuracy of the gauge, method used, environment etc. I've heard several mention rebuilding after a 10% loss which seems like a good rule of thumb. I've got a topend on order, I'd rather get it taken care of now than in the middle of the season.
  15. I did the compression test cold. It seems to idle better when cold so maybe i need to check the jetting first.