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  1. moetterking

    Riding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Hi guys, one more time, I'm looking for your recommendations: I'm Swiss, and I got a job opportunity from my employer's US location to work for. It would be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, about 1 hour north of Boston. The job would be great, nice folk etc., but one thing I'm not sure: How is riding in this area? Are there offroad riding areas / motocross tracks? I know, the winters are cold, how long is riding season? Are there places for skiing? Thank you guys! Marcel
  2. You need more or less what I had to cover both ends of your pipe, but instead of filling with water, you've to fill it with air and use a torch to heat the dent up until it comes out. Don't forget to check the presure inside the pipe while heating, it will rise!
  3. Hi guys, as already told, spent some time for machining and that's the result: More I will not do because I can see a hairline crack on the welding. But anyways, the solution seems to be to close both ends. Have a nice day!
  4. All, thanks for answers. Just came back from my basement, did some work on caps to close on each side. If the water/ice trick does not work that way, I'll drill a hole in the cap to add a valve and use air presure / torch. Do you know how the guys did that? Using air presure and a torch? I'm living in Switzerland, shipping costs me a hell of bucks... Anyways, thanks for information!
  5. Hi guys, read about the "water/ice trick" (filling the pipe with water and put it in the freezer) to remove a dent, some guys wrote that they have had success also with titanium pipes... I have a pretty big one in my DRD TI head pipe... ...and used our company's climate chamber to try the "water/ice trick" at about -30°F Tried it multiple times without any result Did somebody seriously have had any success doing it that way with TI pipes? What am I doing wrong? Thanks & Cheers!
  6. moetterking

    Swiss guys need help to plan a US trip

    OK, back again. In the mean time, we booked the flights from April, 15th to May, 15th and also a Fun Mover from cruiseamerica.com We completly changed our plans, now we go directly to LAX, do a round trip and return to LAX (also because the RV has to be returned to the origin rental place). The first thing we'll do is to do a stop on a MX store to buy some riding gear: I've two addresses, are there others to visit? Chaparral Racing: http://www.chaparral-racing.com/ Global Moto Outlet: http://www.gmo1.com/ What about BTO Sports? Do they have a show room? Next thing will be to buy 2 x YZ450F and 2 x YZ250F next to LAX. What can you recommend? Where to get a good price? One thing I really do not appreciate: registration... Is there a "work around" to ride National Forrest regardless registration? I saw on the net two MX-tracks I definitly want to ride: http://www.starwestmx.com http://www.lakeelsinoremxpark.net Also found a very cool page: http://www.fs.fed.us/recreation/map/state_list.shtml#California Damn, that's the stuff my dreams are made off! An official website showing where to ride the motorbike in the National Forrest What are your recommendations? Thank you guys!!!! Marcel #73
  7. moetterking

    Swiss guys need help to plan a US trip

    Hello again, beeing very pleased to get such a number of feedback! Thank you all very much!!! CORider63: Thanks for the hint to Vickery Motorsports, I think we already got an offer from them... Seems to be a good dealer. srv543: Thanky you for that link. I'll keep it in mind! Ud_Luz: Yes, in Switzerland the bikes are very expensive, 50% more than in US. We wanted to take them back, exactly because of the reasons you mentioned. Thank you very much for your detailed explanations! MXJunky: Belive me, I'm HOT to do that, but unfortunately the dates do not match... CamP: I can imagine! I'll keep that in mind, too! Thank you! Sleeperdrz: Thanks for your offer. I'll come back to you later. Thanks! coktm: Thanks for infos / offer. I'm aware of the altitude changes between Colorado and SoCal. llamaface & mowtown: Great, thank you. Moab is on the list What I read out of your comments: it's "not" possible to ride in Colorado mountains because of the snow / weather in April it might be possible to ride on some MX tracks in Colorado Moab, Utah, is on the way we want to travel Don't spend to much time on MX tracks Cruise America is OK - fine! SoCal is "only" for MX Do you recommend to buy street legal bikes? What exactly is "registration"? Initialy, we wanted to buy Yamaha MX bikes. Are spark arrestors still needed to ride off the road? Thanks again! Marcel #73
  8. Hi folks, my name is Marcel, 25 years old, living in Switzerland and hardly Motocross addicted since more than 5 years. Unfortunately, in Switzerland we have ways to much of greens and environmentalists making it hard to ride, therefore we often ride in bella Italy, 200 mi away (which is very far for Swiss measures. Switzerland is very small, the longestest distance Geneva <-> St. Gall measures 220 miles). Besides Motocross I'm working for the (I think also in the US) very famous company called Leica. On a nice Saturday, after riding and watching RC, Bubba and Villopoto in the AMA Outdoors, a buddie had the idea: Let's go to America! Yes, since then, the idea was born, to ride motocross and have fun on the new continent After a few hours of discussions we are now planning to start in Denver / CO by ~April 10th 08, rent a motor home, buy bikes, travel towards SoCal and go back to Switzerland by beginning of May 08... Now there are some open questions I want to ask you: What about temperatures in April? Where to rent a motor home? Any experience with Cruise America? Any other recommendations? Are there "must see" / "must ride" - places on the route between Denver -> Los Angeles? What about riding insurance? What do we need to ride? We are having Swiss health insurance and accident insurance. Are there offroad shops like BTOSports.com in the immediate vicinity of Denver? We need complete riders equipment from helmets to boots... Where should we buy 2 x Yamaha 250F / 1 x 450F in the area of Denver? What did I forget? Thank you very much in advance for answers! Marcel #73 btw: All the best for the new year, no accidents and a lot of fun!