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  1. leebo95

    93 Klx 650 C

    Are you on the KLX650 forum on Yahoo groups? http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/KLX650/ I picked up side panels there from someone that upgraded. Lee
  2. leebo95

    Off road fears

    It may sound stupid but I am afraid of crashing period! I just started riding in the dirt again after a 20 year lay off and I forgot how much more you have to deal with than riding on the road. I am to frigging old to heal quickly and cant afford to be off work so I really dont plan any huge off road stuff and what little I plan on I need to practice alot! I just started sifting through these links to find advice. Lee
  3. The most dumest thing I seen the quote above.
  4. Hi, new to this forum and I just bought a KLX650. I was wondering if and what kind of riding groups are in this area? Lee 2001 Triumph Sprint ST 1996 KLX650 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 360