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    drz110 spittin oil HELP!!!!!!

    Hey, my buddys drz is being gay. It has a 138? big bore kit, and a few odds and ends. He wrecked it, and some oil came out of the little oil tube thingy. So he put some more in. It was doing fine, then he reved it up an all of a sudden a shitload of oil started pumping out of the tube. We shut it down and started it back up. At idle it spits just little specks of oil out of the tube. But if you rev it it shoots oil out, then when you shut it down, as its shutting off it spews the shit. The wierd thing is that its probably pumped close to a half quart out, and the little window says its still full of oil. I think he over filled it, but a second thery is rings. Problem is that there is no oil on the spark plug, which if the rings were bad there would deffinatly be oil on the plug. I recomended that he drain all the oil, and fill it up to speck. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY CLUE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS THING????????
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    Just a quick question.

    dont talk all at once!!!!
  3. Civicslayr

    Just a quick question.

    I'm lookin for a pit bike. Buddy of mines got a 110 bores, piped, springs, carb, 4th gear, hydrolic clutch, all kinds of stuff. Got enough power to lift the front wheel if you slam 4th hard enough. Anyways, i want a new pitbike because im scared im going to wreck my buddys, and i dont like waiting for my turn to ride. I'm lookin at either a Honda fiddy, a cheap import 50 that looks all tricked out (I dont know the brand, but it looks like a fixxed up fiddy), a 110, or a drz?125? Im about 6foot 1 icnh, and 240 pounds, im a big guy, and i dont think a fiddy would like me. I mainly want the bike to practice my streetbike stunting, but im going to do some dirt jumps to. What bike would be the cheapest to trick out and make fast.?