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  1. eram310

    Newbie confusion

    I think if only trail riding mostly woods single track , a CRF250X or a WR 250F are a great choice. If no single track but mostly 2 track, ATV trails, snowmobile trails gravel roads and short road rides to get gas, a DRZ 400, XR650L or a WR250R would be a better choice.
  2. eram310

    MN OHM GPS Maps

    If you send me your e-mail, I can send you the Image file I downloaded last year once I get home. If I remember correctly, the maps were from 2013. Thanks,
  3. eram310

    2009 WR250R mod questions.

    Yes they are.
  4. eram310

    Speedohealer on WR250R

    Second on the 12 o'clock
  5. eram310

    rivet vs clip master link.

    I have always used a clip on my ds bikes and never had an issue. Easy field replacement too. You should be fine.
  6. eram310

    WR250R resale

    I bought a pristine 2013 with 900 miles no mods for KBB price of $4900. I think people don't like paying extra for mods. You are better off with parting them separately. That’s what I did when I sold my Tiger 800. I will buy your skid plate and a seat concept seat if it’s the low version. Rear rack if you have one too. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the info guys, and Glen, I used to live in Eden Prairie, but that was a while ago, I am only 10 miles north of there and a little closer to Minneapolis.
  8. I am not talking about road kilometers, I am talking about two track (ATV trails) forest roads and single track with a little pavement in between. I sometimes do 150+ days of them in North MN and North Wi. I own a DRZ400S and a WR250R. The WR250R and is completely stock and the DRZ is jetted and with an open air box. I actually think the DRZ is the better bike for fast trails and I think it has better stock suspension and definitely more power. The advantage of the WR is it being light weight and as a 250 it’s definitely more maneuverable in the tight woods. I used to own a 250 simple dirt bike, but I don’t own one anymore as I barely rode it since I can do almost anything with the DRZ other than a full day of single track. I want one bike that would be good at tight woods single track and hard core dual sport. Maybe a DRZ 400 or a WR250R are the only option, but I am intrigued by the Husky and the KTM. Allon
  9. I am interested in knowing which bike would be better for Aggressive dual sport and single track riding? They are both street legal and I wanted to know which one would be better for duties such as 150 miles dual sport for several days (asphalt, forest roads, two track and single track ) to days that are single track woods exclusive. On dual sport trips, I would like to add luggage . Contemplating if it's worth the upgrade and with increased maintenance and expenses for someone who doesn’t race and is a middle aged C rider at best.
  10. eram310

    Best aftermarket tank with a corbin seat

    Thanks, I used to have a Clarke on my DR350 and liked it although I thought it was a little big. I might go for the IMS 3.2 Gallon. Never heard of a Safari. I do like the Corbin on the DRZ much more than the one I had on the DR350. Much lighter and narrower.
  11. I have a DRZ400S with a corbin seat and looking to buy a larger aftermarket gas tank. I know there are a few options. I would like to have one that does not require modifications to accommodate both, looks good and doesn't interfere riding standing up. Thanks,
  12. eram310

    2003 DRZ 250 - Any known issues?

    Both bikes are very similar. There is a review this month in MCN on the DR200. Both bike are great for beginners because they are simple and street legal.
  13. eram310

    2003 DRZ 250 - Any known issues?

    I have both an 02 DRz250 and an 05 DRZ400S. The DRZ400S is not only more powerful, but has better suspension. It also doesn’t get as hot as the 250 and in the summer it’s a big disadvantage. I prefer the 400 to anything but slow tough single trail riding. That’s when the 50lbs difference makes a big difference for my 5’8” 160lbs. The 250 isn’t as stable as the 400 on fast gravel and forest roads. Maybe if I changed the fork oil things would get better. I only rode it once this year, and even than it’s because I wanted it to get the exercise. I use the 400 all the time because it’s street legal.
  14. eram310

    Motorcycle dilemma.

    I just did ~ 1200 miles on my DRZ400s in 4 days. My butt is sore. Came back last night. We did the TWT http://www.lonewolfexpeditions.com/twat.html Getting to the start point was over 300 miles and getting back was over 200 miles for me. The route is about 575 miles. I wished for a bigger bike 95% of the time. Especially on the way back. Allon Mor