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  1. joermz

    03 fork oil quantity

    ok great thanks for the info. whats the fork oil level? how many mm's from the top? thanks.
  2. im changine fork seals on my 03 450 sx. just curious on how much oil needs to go back into the forks. thanks.
  3. joermz

    2008 Pre-production RMZ450

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/gohuge/0,20859,1328976_1606396,00.html looks good. no float bowl. lets hope we see some good stuff like this next year.
  4. joermz

    anyone wanna help me out???

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1110617,00.html this was in another thread for the cam chain adjustment. but you set tdc the same way to check valves hope this helps.
  5. joermz

    My KX500AF

    http://supercross.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=20449&sid=7bd46d60e1935ea8e18e919e8594e999 i think i like this one a little better. no offense:excuseme:
  6. joermz

    Cam specifications

    not sure if any difference but the part numbers are different. the 05,06,07 camshafts part numbers are different, both intake and exhaust. when the rmz first come out i think someone had the 05 cam specs on here. not sure were they are now.
  7. joermz

    Will the 07 rings fit on the 06 piston

    this probably won't help much, but here it goes. the piston is the same for 05,06 and 07 is different. the rings have different part numbers for 05,06,07. sorry i knew it wouldn't help much.
  8. joermz

    2007 Moster energy kawasaki

    hope this is what your looking for, hell hope this works. http://supercross.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=20367&sid=207fcaac70da95273083c5c9d268b433
  9. joermz

    Re-using oil filter o-ring

    i have reused the oring several times. the oring is not a forever thing and will need to be replaced at some time.
  10. joermz

    Replacing Fork Seals - Any tricky bits?

    there are two different spot to add oil in the twin chamber fork. i would suggest to change all the fluid out when doing the fork seals. it is recomended to use the same oil in both spots but i know some people put different fluid in each chamber. just follow the manual and you will have no probs.
  11. joermz

    Cam Chain Replacement??

    well thanks for your responses. i got off my duff and tighten the chain last night. noise is gone. i never hear the tensioner actually move but the cam chain noise does go away. oh yea and valves are still good.
  12. joermz

    Cam Chain Replacement??

    not a clue, im just a weekend warrior. i don't race, just fun ride. if i had to guess on hours probably well over a hundred. this bike has been flawless for me, except for self induced bent stuff.
  13. joermz

    Cam Chain Replacement??

    im sure its the cam chain. yes tdc everytime. i guess no one has actually had one just plain wear out. i will try to adjust tonite and see if the noise stops.
  14. joermz

    Cam Chain Replacement??

    i have a 05 and i have probably tighten the cam chain 3 times. it is now making the slapping noise again and i was wondering if anybody has actually had to replace the cam chain due to the fact it simply wore out or has everybody just kept adjusting them tight again. i haven't had a chance to tighten it up again but i was wondering if anybody has had one just plain wear out?? i am over thirty and about a C- level rider. thanks for any help.
  15. joermz

    Just did the AP mod...

    i read this awhile back on the crf forum also. i thought i saw a link to the step by step way to do this. maybe you could please post a link?