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  1. dreedraffs

    Any bigger engine fits a KLR 250?

    Some are easier swap than other. This is what I wanted to know, if there was any easy swap for the KLR 250.
  2. dreedraffs

    Any bigger engine fits a KLR 250?

    I don't own the bike. I'm still lookin' for a KLR 650 actually. I was just wondering if there was any way to get much more power out of a KLR250 in an easy way. The bike I'm trying to sell so I an buy the KLR is a KZ1000 with smooth bores carbs and a GPz1100 engine. I'm kinda used to big power. I wanna try the dual sport thing, but I know I'll still need decent power. I'll be on the road most of the time. The idea of the KLR 250 was just to get a smaller and cheaper bike and swap the engine if it was easy enough to get a power/weight ratio closer or better than a KLR650.
  3. I'm lookin' for a KLR 650, and I'm just wondering if there's any swap possible in a KLR 250. I don't think the 650 would fit, but is there any way to fit a 450 or any other engine that would make a nice improvement over a 250? Would not go 2 stroke thought. Would be nice to have the power of a 500 or so in a 250 sized bike.