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  1. RonWoodbeck

    Got another question.

    Everybody was so helpfull the first time. I though I would expand and seek more help. Bike: 2001 Yamaha WR426F 1) Need to replace the rear master brake reservoir. Got the part. But what spec fluid is stock? 2) Bike is static and holding the throttle off of idle header glow's bright Red after just a few seconds. Spark plug looks good, no backfire, typical stumble off of idle (no carb mods yet). Running lean or Normal? Thanks, Ron
  2. RonWoodbeck

    '01 WR426F Water pump - Help please

    Thanks for the help. Took a little while to get the parts in hand. But all in all went pretty smooth. The broken part of the shaft fell through however and we had to pull the opposite side cover off and fish it out with a magnetic pickup tool. But we found it and it works like a charm.
  3. RonWoodbeck

    WR426F Cooling Continued

    The water pump cover has been removed. Are speaking about the bigger cover that includes the water pump housing? Is the impeller shaft supposed to simply pull out ? There is physically no clearancy between the impeller and housing to slip something behind and catch the flats on the impeller shaft.
  4. RonWoodbeck

    WR426F Cooling Continued

    Ok Now I think I messed up. I couldn't get the impeller off, PS: the manual sucks. So we tried to rotate clockwise......Snap. Now the impeller turns freely and is no longer engaged with the trans/motor (I am assuming the impeller shaft is broke). How bad did I mess it up. I stopped working on it, waiting for your inputs. Thanks, Ron
  5. Got the bike started after sitting for a couple months after rebuilding the carb. After 20 minutes of idle, the bike overheated. I pulled the water pump cover and am trying to figure out how to rebuild the pump, impeller, shaft, bearings, seals, etc. Any links to procedure on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron