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  1. Thanks. Where did you order them from?
  2. Does the Oberon work with the standard hydraulic line on the FC 450? The picture posted above looks more like a KTM line.
  3. Replaced my 2017 fc 450 at 20 hours and yesterday it crapped out again at 45 hours. Not putting another Magura in it. Very frustrating.
  4. I get what your saying, if you can afford a $9,000 dirt bike you can afford a small repair bill. It's not the $100 repair that bothers me as much as the fact that Husqvarna knows it's an issue and does nothing. Part of the reason I buy a new dirt bike is so I can avoid having issues such as this.
  5. Add mine to the list, 2017 fc 450. I went out for practice, I thought the clutch felt a little "mushy" riding through the pits and by the time I had went half a lap I could pull the lever to the bars with no effect. The bike had 21 hours on it. I wasn't sure what was wrong so I talked to the only other Husky rider there that day and he informed me that his slave cylinder had crapped out at 15 hours. I ordered a new slave cylinder and that did fix the problem. I really like this bike from a performance stand point but after reading MXAs report that this is a known problem and Husky is doing absolutely nothing I will be returning to one of the Japanese brands for next year.
  6. no air charlie

    2017 fc450 backfire

    I have about 20 hours on mine with no back firing. There are bikes were this is common, fairly common on some of the KX 450s, but yours is the first complaint I have heard of for the Husky/KTM.
  7. It will blink if launch control is activated. By shutting it off and restarting it shuts off launch control. My guess is you may have accidentally activated it and "fixed it" by shutting it off.
  8. Does anyone know if there is an after market triple clamp that allows you to move the handlebar clamps further forward? I have already flipped the original handlebar clamps around which helped slightly but am looking for a bigger change. I would like something more in line with what the KXF and YZF have.
  9. That's good to know. I was going by a MXA article. I have been delaying changing mine because of that, I must have read it incorrectly.
  10. The fact that you have to take the shock apart to change shock springs. KYB and Showa figured out a solution to this years ago. Also would be nice if you didnt have to drain 3 different bolts to change oil.
  11. no air charlie

    2014-17 YZ450F Picture thread! Share yours!

    Love those old school graphics!
  12. no air charlie

    FC 450 Muffler screen removal

    Thanks. I think MXA reported similar gains using the KTM muffler. I like how smooth the power is stock, but a little more hit coming out of corners would be nice.
  13. no air charlie

    FC 450 Muffler screen removal

    Thanks. I did not realize it would require a fuel adjustment. Too bad they don't sell a "tuner" like Yamaha. I will leave it stock for now.
  14. no air charlie

    FC 450 Muffler screen removal

    I just purchased a new FC 450 and am wondering if anyone has attempted to remove the screen from the stock muffler? Is it an easy fix and how much did it help performance wise?
  15. no air charlie

    running a bit lean

    I think I remember reading about a company you could send one of your couplers to and they could reprogram it. Does anyone remember who that is? My 13 will occasionally give a lean pop on decel. Not enough to hurt anything but annoying. My 12 did not have that issue.