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  1. Theres a part my carb doesnt have, may have stumbled across a possible solution I guess...... Goes under the needle holder? I either lost it when I first tore the thing apart or somebody left it out....... Thanks very much for the info! Wish I had known of this forum about 32 carb removals ago, at least now I know the thing is clean!
  2. Ok, I'll try to convey the necessary info without this getting too long...... Recently aquired an 86' XR250R, had been sitting for several years or more with fuel in the tank. Removed & thoroughly flushed tank, fuel shutoff valve, fuel filter/screen in tank, & fuel line. Removed carb & disassembled, soaked in carb cleaner & re-assembled, appeared quite clean to me. Bike runs very strong above midrange, top end actually quite impressive.....but idles like a blubbering pig. Removed carb & soaked in carb cleaner again, (have done this wonderfully fun game 4 times now), same symptoms. Misses terribly at idle through about 15-20% throttle. Adjusting pilot seems to make no difference other than a slight rpm spike right before pilot screw is turned in clear to the seat. Shut the fuel off & for a few seconds before it completely runs out of gas it idles smoothly like it should. I've since ordered a new gasket set, pilot screw set, & float valve at the incredibly affordable price of $65.00,installed parts, adjusted float level per manual, same symptoms. Now I'm about ready to sh** a golden brick. I've ridden lots of scooters over the last 20yrs, some real junk & some nice machines, never had as much trouble with a bike. What am I missing???