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  1. Anyone have any experience tracking down a sub frame for a 2003 ktm 250sx. mines busted and i see one on bike bandit for $300. i was hoping for something are $150?
  2. Can anyone help me with de-coding this serial number. It reads VBK MXN 238....... The MXN is the part i need help with. These three letters tell you the model of bike. I believe MXH is 125 2 stroke and MXJ is 250sx 2 stroke. But for the life of me i can't find MXN anywhere. I'm looking at buying a 2003 2 stroke, but the bike has No stickers at all. The engine doesn't have displacment marked on it...sellers says it a 250 but it could be a 125 for all i know. it's not a runner at this point so i can't just take it for a ride and feel if it has the 250 power. I'm a 4stroke guy at this point and i currently ride a husaberg 400...so i don't have the experiance to just look at the bike and say, "oh,ya that's a 250sx for sure." If emailed 3 dealers with zero response. Can anyone help???
  3. cerara

    Anyone Been To Merritt This Year?

    Just wondering if anyone has been in the Boss-Davis Lake area this year. How much snow? May long weekend is always a red-neck circus up there, but i was wondering about some April riding? Too much snow still??
  4. Just wondering if anyone has ridden the merritt area this year. that is merritt bc canada. is there lots of snow still. area's like Boss-Davis lake???? just wondering if it's melted yet. today is april 03 2007 and vedder mt chilliwack was pretty snowy.
  5. cerara

    is it just me, or is the 250 just a dog?

    how much "power" does a XR250 have???? Obviously "POWER" is a pretty subjective word! Sounds like most riders are saying you have a power problem. I am 160lbs and i just sold my Xr250 for a XR400. THe 400 is totally in a different power category....but the 250 had plenty of power. Wheelies in 2nd gear-back tire spinning in 3rd was not a problem. I have had a Cr250, Klx 300 and now Xr400...i was happy with the XR250-it's just that the bike was beat up so i upgraded. My vote is that you have a problem...tight valve causing low compression????something. I also had a smaller sprocket on the front. My bike was revving pretty good at 55mph.
  6. cerara

    XR250 oil capasity

    i have an xr400. i don't know the exact capacity of the 250, but i know you gotta run the bike before you can get all the oil in the frame. you add oil until you have reached the high mark on the dipstick-run the bike for a minuite so that oil is pumped into the crank-then shut the bike off and add the rest of the oil-then re-start the bike and run it for a few minuites-shut bike off and check oil again. in the dry sump honda the only way to change the oil is to use the oil capacity spec. adding then checking...adding then checking just takes way to long. on my bike it is 1.8L and the oil level is perfect
  7. cerara

    XR400 project.

    so how do the cr forks actually ride. Is the bike pretty hard on the rists and arms in the rocks? Lighter front end? How much for cr forks?
  8. cerara

    Chevron Delo 400 causing smoke?

    Bobbysands, how much did your re-build cost you?? Did you get the parts online?
  9. cerara

    Chevron Delo 400 causing smoke?

    Creeky.... the bike has never smoked during start up. It's only when the bike is hot and i have just de-eccelerated down a long hill. Even after that it does not puff smoke like a camp fire...you can only see a trace amount of blue smoke if i crack the throttle 3-4 times. I start riding through the trails and everthing is back to normal-no smoke-no smell. I just bought the bike and i guess i have that first few rides paranoia. Last year in bought a XR250...the thing test rode down the street great...got it home, went for a mounain ride and to my surprize the thing smoked like a 2-stroke -and it got worse over the summer! I guess i'm a littled pissed because the XR400 apperenlty has super low hours...the thing's like show room condition. It's a 2001 and there are no boot marks on the side covers, no paint is wore off, the thing is like a shiney red tomato!
  10. cerara

    Chevron Delo 400 causing smoke?

    Thanks all the info guys!!! I'm the one with the XR400 that just changed to DELO400 15w-40. I probably was burning a touch of oil before, but the castrol 10w-40 didn't smell so much? How do know if it is your vavle seals or rings. On long de-eccelerations i thought the rings where NOT being forced out by cumbustion gases and thus "rings" could be the issue. When your back on the throttle the rings are forced out and the oil is scraped as it should be. Could it be my rings or valve seals ?????
  11. cerara

    14 toothed sprocket question.

    Ya, the XR is a dry sump. All the oil needed for the engine is pumped from the frame. About an inch of oil is kept in the crank case and all the rest is sent back up to the frame. I hear that the only bad thing from "prolonged" high rpm is valve train ware. That funny sub-rocker doesn't like LOTS of high rpm. But thats from someone who was -oval track- racing his XR!
  12. OK, THanks! that makes sence. Just make sure the tensioner adjuster in not stroked out-and that's all you can really do. Great! thanks!.....anyone got an old spark arrestor kicking around-01 XR400?
  13. cerara

    Some Newbie Observations

    I just bought an 01 xr400. last year i had a xr250...before that klx300 and before that cr250. Xr suspention is pretty soft unless some has put motoroil or something like 30w in the forks. My buddies call my xr400 "the couch" because the suspention is so soft. i found the xr250 to be a little softer than the 400, but the 250 would also bottom out pretty easy. I guess you you have already set the adjustable suspention screws to the softest (counter cloockwise) setting...I don't know....i'm 27 and after a 2-3 hour ride-i'm hurting...and my non 0XR's were worse!
  14. Just bought an 01 XR400...The bike has low hours but i am still trying to go through it the best i can. Is there anyway to check the timing chain or do you just wait until it makes noise?
  15. cerara


    i have never seen a xr400 factory dual-sport. I guess it would called a XL400 if it was factory. Then again i'm in canada....so much snow up here that dirt bikes are rare!