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  1. purdens

    Shocks and wheels

    When I first got on the bike in the dunes and hit those nice little tracks caused by other riders, my hands nearly fell off. I softened the rebound and prelaod on all shocks one full turn and now the bike rides like a dream. That was actually regarding my first post on how far you can soften (unscrew) the ride. My one full turn made a night and day difference.
  2. purdens

    Shocks and wheels

    Yah, tell me about it. Well, thank you for the info, I have always purchased used bikes with sand tires already on them and never took them in the dirt. Now I know, and will not make that mistake again. Oh yah, I have a 06trx450r
  3. purdens

    Honda Shocks and wheels

    First: On the preload and rebound settings on all three shocks, how far (or how far can you unscrew) can you "soften" the shocks. In the manuel it just says you can turn it towards the "S" for softer but does not say how far you can adjust it. Second: I purchased the sand star/wheel combo for my choice of paddles. When I installed them I tightened them to the owners manuel's torque specifications 47lbs. When I removed the lugs to put the dirt tires back on, the wheels were stuck on the hubs, I had to rubber mallet them off. The sand tire wheels lug nut holes are smaller in diameter than the stock wheels and when I tightened the lugs, it squeezed the metal on the wheel inward (towards the studs) and that is what made them stuck. Has anyone had a problem like this and how to fix it. Thanks you in advance.
  4. purdens

    Am I crazy?

    Those 4x4's can be sooooo much dam fun even though they are heavy. I have a 2006 trx450r and a 1995 four trax 350 4x4. I absolutely love both of them (just depends on where I ride). I seem to favor the trx though because it is faster.
  5. purdens

    Break in

    Thanks Guys........Yah, a coupple of people told me to "just take it easy the first 10 hours" and the majority told me these engines don't need much.
  6. purdens

    Honda Break in

    Hello everyone......Just bought a new 450R (stock) how long did you break it in for?
  7. purdens

    Honda Sand Tires

    What kind of sand tires do you guys recommend for front and rear? I know it depends on weather you want to turn better etc...any help ...thanks