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  1. apester

    Tough decission

    Well it is tough but I am going to sell my DRZ400s. This is the most fun I have had on a bike but I just don't use it for what it is made for. Has anyone else done this and regretted it. I hope I don't but probably will:banghead: . It is in the sale section if you are interested.
  2. apester

    Off-Road Instability

    Mine was a little squirrelly off road the first couple of times as well. I went out last week and lowered tire pressures to around 15-16 psi. What a diffrence it made. Handled way better in the sand and in the gravel hard and loose pack. I carried a bike pump from my mountain bike to re-inflate the tires before the ride home. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
  3. apester

    saddle bags drz400s

    I went to Princess Auto and bought the snowmobile saddle bags for 16.99. They fit alright and I use the straps through the rear foot pegs. No reason they can't take a beating and if they can't 16.99 2or 3 times a year is cheap.
  4. apester

    Worst day of riding ever

    Hey weez and others who have had friends and loved ones crash and hurt or worse doing what we love. Don't give up on our sport so soon. My mother died last year form cancer at a very early age (56) but she did what she loved (golf) right untill she couldn't walkfrom the cart to the ball anymore but man she loved that game. After her death I heard a very good saying EVRYONE DIES BUT NOT EVERYONE LIVES. People that get hurt or die doing what they love would and do get right back in the saddle again because they love what they do. I understand you feel some guilt Weez but ask the kid when he is healed up and he will most likely want to ride again and have fun. I am not trying to make light of those that have been seriously injured or killed just saying that those that have died did so doing what they love and what better way to go than having fun. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP BECAUSE OF THE CRASH. Give my best to the young fella and condolences to those that have lost friends and loved ones.
  5. apester

    Need pics of 2006 yellow s!!!!

    I was set on the blue one, but in all my years suzuki was yellow yamaha was yellow honda red kawi green. Being a pureist or old fashion I went with the yellow one. Man am I glad I did. I saw a blue one in the back of a truck after I bought mine and it just didn't appeal to me like it did on the net or in the show room. Take them both out in the natural light and choose then.
  6. apester

    Exhaust Sound Clips

    thanks I will look around.
  7. apester

    Exhaust Sound Clips

    Mickey I am in Prince George. What did that set up cost you up here?
  8. apester

    O/T Anti Theft

    During sledding season on out of town trips I would use a baby monitor in the truck and the remote in the room and then I would sleep with my 45-70 with a 350 gr bullet. Make sure that everyone sees you entering your room with the rifle and you are just about garunteed to not have any trouble. Wait till just before bed time to take the rifle out of the truck though just incase they are scopeing out the lot ahead of time. I have yet to lose anything but have seen lots of guys lose stuff while we are on our trips.
  9. apester

    Can't afford SM insurance!?

    I just put a plate and liability on mine and it was 200 for 6months.
  10. apester

    Just finished Loc-Tit'n the CS nut...

    Thank you I will check mine tomorrow.
  11. apester

    Just finished Loc-Tit'n the CS nut...

    Sorry guys what is the CS nut?
  12. apester

    50 mpg......huh?

    First tank through mine the other day and figured it out on a site for conversions and it said I got 61 mpg and change. It was 163 kms to reserve and 7.5 liters to full.