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  1. Rocky Jones

    drz400sm...another jet question

    Glor, I would direct this question to Eddie Sisneros, AKA Burned. He is the Jetting expert.
  2. Rocky Jones

    Looks cool???

    Looks good!!!!! You're still a tard
  3. Rocky Jones

    who was the chick...

    HAHA, gotta LOVE IT!!!
  4. Rocky Jones

    video of me @ track, feedback wanted

    Lookin good!! Especially for only 8 months in the saddle. Only thing I can say is Grab some more throttle!!! Dont be afraid to let it rip!! Other than that, keep it up!!!
  5. Rocky Jones

    who was the chick...

    Well, you seem to be the only one that is not impressed. If you dont like it, dont look. Oh and the profile is private now because of jack asses being rude. So sorry about that. :confused:
  6. Rocky Jones

    hey burned i have a ?

    Can we get a video of this happening? If my bike did that, i wouldnt change it. SOUNDS COOL!!!
  7. Rocky Jones

    Kientech Fuel Screw for 39 FCRmx

    Chris, Hello, i was the one that took your order over the phone. The Kientech F/S that we carry will not fit on the 39mm FCRMX carb. And that is what I told you. The only F/S that we offer for that carb is the Zip-Ty FMS01. I was not even aware of Kientech making a new F/S for the 39mm FCRMX carb. So thats a new one on me. You asked me for a F/S that would work for your carb. I got that F/S on your order, and then shipped it out to you within 5 minutes to assure that you would get it ASAP, all in good faith. Sorry, thought that I was being helpful to you. Just tryin to do my job and keep you guys happy riders....
  8. Rocky Jones

    who was the chick...

    Well, everyone was asking for pics of the TT girl from the EnduroX. So here you go. Keep it clean guys, this is my GF.
  9. Rocky Jones

    New round here...have ?

    Lucky you....smooth talker:thumbsup:
  10. Rocky Jones

    New round here...have ?

    Haha, thanks guys. Atleast the money that we "help" you spend is money well spent. But for the new DRZ owner.....What model DRZ is it? as previously asked. Bars are pretty much an opinion. So I would suggest the ProTaper 1 1/8 bars, or the renthal fat bars. Handguards, thats easy, Cycra Probends hands down. Go with the sidemount style so if you decide to change the bars later, they will still work, because they mount to the side of the triple clamp instead of the bars. TT offers a really good skid plate. I would give you links to all this stuff but I would need the Specific model..... S/SM/E? And if you are really looking to trick out your bike, go check out the DRZ that we biult for Dirt Rider Magazine. Its listed as a project bike here in the forums. Congrats on your new purchase!!
  11. Rocky Jones

    Boots for under $200

    I know that the Berik boots are ok. Im sure that if you did some looking you could find a pair on sale somewhere, then the TT store can beat that price. i cant tell you where to look... .....but i can tell you that we have done some price gaurantees on them that were below 200 bucks
  12. Rocky Jones

    Hand guard purchase help.

    Moose are good. But i prefer the Cycra probends. If you are going to be changing the bars on your bike, go with the triple clamp side mount cycra probends. They mount to the side of the TC, hence the name. They come standard with the large white shields but look alot cooler and still just as functional with the low profile shields.
  13. Rocky Jones

    Where can I get.....

    odie, if you are looking for a 14 tooth sprocket for the DR650SE which im sure that you are as the DR650S was only made up to 1995 then here is a link to the sprocket that you are inquiring about. JT sprocket 14 tooth for 96-06 DR650SE http://shop.thumpertalk.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TR%5F248939&CartID=
  14. Rocky Jones


    Is this a new bike? Is this an old bike? New Head? Old Head? If its a new bike or head, i would change the oil after about 5 hours. if its and older bike, thats already broken in, I would change it when it looks like it has started to lose that new oil look..hehe...when the color starts to get dark is what i mean. Or if the bike sits around without getting ridden, every 3 months should be good. But hey....these are only suggestions. And as for the Oil type that you should be using, I would refer to your owners manual.
  15. Rocky Jones

    radiator guard

    The DRZ is a good bike. About the rad guards, you have a couple of choices, you have the ever so popular Unabiker that come in a variety of colors, and you also have the flatland rad braces. Both are a very good choice. And both are guards for the front and braces to help prevent the rads from being smashed in the event of a crash. Here are some links to both products....Have fun!!! Flatland http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/bp_flatland_radguard.htm Unabiker http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/bp_unabiker_radguard.htm