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  1. Hakka

    Helcam footage

    Link fixed. I use a JVC GRD-290 dvcam and a sony 480 line helcam.
  2. here's a few clips from my cam, http://www.users.on.net/~nakka/highlighsmall.wmv http://www.users.on.net/~nakka/movie2.wmv 21mb and 23mb, right click>save as There's some swearing in the first one.
  3. Hakka

    #$%@%#& kick starter spring!!!

    The spring goes in the hole on part no 20, the ball sits on top of the spring - hold it there with your finger while you slide the kickstarter down over it and install the screw. I've pulled mine apart a few times to rebush it, never had any probs getting it back together.
  4. Hakka

    01' and 02' YZ250F ignition

    I bought a vortex from an '02 and installed it on my '01. There were small adapters on the plugs of the vortex that I removed.
  5. ---------- it's a 4 stroke. the intake valves open every other revolution. ---------- I was under the impression that the 4 strokes make up one engine revolution.???
  6. Hakka

    Neutral Switch removal question

    I read about a vortex ignition that you caould have different maps for different gears, eg traction mode in 1st for starts and power mode in the other gears. You would need those wires for something like this to work.
  7. ----------------- face it, at 13,000 rpm the valves are opening and closeing 108 times per second. ----------------- My calc says 216.
  8. Hakka

    Why you need a throttle stop!!!

    f you dont run the stop you can screw up the TPS sensor readings at W.O.T.
  9. Hakka

    03 wr aus spec

    Who makes that piston condog?
  10. Hakka

    03 wr aus spec

    CDI is the same on both WR and YZ.
  11. Hakka

    03 wr aus spec

    The aussie bikes dont have the grey wire but they do have the throttle stop, although most dealers will replace the throttle stop with the shorter one before you take delivery of the bike. Get a YZ exhaust cam if you want YZ style power delivery. The WR flywheel is also heavier than the YZ.
  12. Hakka

    problem w/ front sprocket shaft

    If the countershatft is bent then I'd bet that there is some damage to gears inside, thats probably what the clicking is. (i've had clicking from my gearbox twice before, both times a tooth was missing or damdaged.) Any gears that are damaged must be replaced along with any gears that mate with the damaged one. If the shaft is bent then there's a good chance that the shift forks are bent too. It's not gonna be cheap. I have done the gearbox twice on my '01 250f, from memory it cost about $400 (australian dollars) for the parts. I cant tell you what the labour costs as I done the rebuild myself, but it is a time consuming job. Give your local dealer a call, they should be able to give you a rough idea of how much your up for. If your game, the manual shows all the steps involved, I had never done a bottom end before, but with the manual I had no probs. If your not mechanically inclined then I'd suggest taking it to the dealer. Its a good idea to replace all the bearings in the crankcase while its apart too. Just curious, how tight was your chain, did you set the tension according to the manual?
  13. Hakka

    overflow tank

    The coolant in that bottle is poisonous, I wouldn't recommend drinking from it.
  14. Hakka

    01 autodecomp kit

    The intake valve clearance should be between 0.10mm and 0.15mm, exhaust 0.17mm to 0.23mm.
  15. You sure the noise isn't the 'burp' of the exhaust opening?