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  1. About two month ago I hit a deer at 50mph on my '06 650L, luckly it was a straight a way and I was bundled to where I could barley move so I escaped with only bumps, bruises, minor road rash and some serious soreness. The bike did not fair so well, it ended up 30ft down an embankment. Besides the whole front end my biggest problem is my clutch won't disengage. A rock put a large hole in the left case cover, bought a new cover, gaskets ect and slapped it back together. No clutch, Thought I might have installed the clutch lifter arm/lifter piece wrong so I took it apart. Indeed they were installed wrong, bought another gasket and trippled checked the two pieces were good and bolted the case cover back up,(without gasket). Again no clutch. The lever, cable, arm, rod all move with ease but the rear will not spin freely in any gear,(no problem in neutral). I've tried every cable adjustment possible. So I pull the right case cover to look for obvious issues there, when the lever is pulled only two plates will separate at a time, not sure if thats normal or not. I can split the plates with a screwdriver but it makes no differance. I never tried the clutch from the time I was going 50 down the hwy to when I bolted the case back on, it was in neutral when the tow guy dumped it in my driveway. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Dan
  2. I was changing the oil in my '06 L and as I was tightening the filter cover bolts when I heard a "SNAP". Inside, I new I snapped the bolt, but for a second my mind was picturing stripped theads in the case. I was useing a 1/4" socket and put very little torque on the bolt when it snapped. Anyway, bought a left handed drill bit and the bolt came out no problem. Ordered 3 new bolts and will only suffer about 3 three days of no bike. No question here, just thought I'd share my story.
  3. dstark

    XR650L vs. KTM.990

    They both have their respectfull places, not a very equal comparison.
  4. dstark

    A few things on my 650L...

    Well that makes ME feel better, I tried the torque wrench thing and it just didnt feel right when doing it so I stopped before the 9lbs. I'm glad to here it broke the bolt off instead of stripping the case, thats what I was worried about.
  5. dstark

    New IMS tank f#&#@*g leaking

    If it is a factory defect I cant see why IMS wouldn't replace it. The grinder guy was probably finishing up that tank on a friday about 4:45.
  6. dstark

    New IMS tank f#&#@*g leaking

    IMS owes you or the ebay vendor?? Was the tank brand new?
  7. dstark

    Smoke from the down tube 650l ?

    I would suggest buying the exhaust before the house, or you'll never get it. Not sure about freeing up stock exhaust, but I run a supertrapp IDS2 I think it's about as cheap as you can get around $200. Unless you find something used on ebay???
  8. dstark

    Insurance cost??

    I use progressive in CA, it's $39/mo. full coverage. 26 years old with no driving record. that includes liability-bodily-property uninsured-underinsured comp collision $1,000 custom parts roadside assistance
  9. dstark

    Smoke from the down tube 650l ?

    First thing I think I'd be changing that oil to something heavier. I think most people run a 20-50 in the summer and a 10-40 in the winter.
  10. dstark

    new guy here... just got a XR650L

    I cant give you numbers but you can expect a noticable differance, I put a supertrapp IDS2 on my piggy, I also got the DJ kit, was not very pleased with it, the only thing I ended up useing was the spring. Do daves mods and maybe some lower gearing and you'll be happy!
  11. '06 650L runs about $47, my '85 XR350 will probably be about $500, have'nt registered it in about 8 yrs.
  12. Sorry to hear about your piggy, I'd say 5K is a bit much for my taste, unless you want to run in baja, you could just about buy a new bike for that. Pull the motor yourself and save a $$$.
  13. dstark

    XR650L Gearing, sprocket size question

    I think it really depends on how much street riding you do, I run 14-45, mostly pavement lately, I'm think of going higher in the back just for the torque around town in traffic. Buy as many as you can afford and expirment a little.
  14. dstark

    Synthetic oil

    I waited until about 4K mi to change to synthetic, I run mobile 1 10-40 in winter and 20-50 in summer. Price differance, wow , but its only two quarts right. I would be caught dead running synthetic in my trucks.
  15. dstark

    NEW XR650L Question

    Probably varies by dealership, my '06 did not. It's pretty cheap you dont need that many tools.