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  1. nebert

    09 CRF 450 stalling

    I have a 09 CRF 450R that keeps stalling in the corners...I read that there was a "fix" to this problem by modifying the throttle body?? Any ideas/suggestions?????
  2. nebert

    sleepy this weekend

    Neil II and the mrs.
  3. nebert

    sleepy this weekend

    Where does your brother post his pics? Would love to see them
  4. nebert

    rear shock spring removal

    thanks...got it:applause:
  5. nebert

    rear shock spring removal

    the manual just says "remove the stopper ring, spring seat and spring" Doesn't tell you how...it just doesnt slip off
  6. My rear shock spring cracked and I need to remove and replace it, but i can't get it off!! Any tricks/ideas??
  7. nebert

    Need Advice

    I've been racing the vet class for a few yrs now, currently i race senior b, on a honda crf 450, 2006. I'm 42 yrs old, average height and weight...Last yr, i was spinning lap times on our track at 104.9, this yr 1'm spining them at 111.9:cry: I broke three ribs at the begining of the yr and was off the bike for about 7 weeks. I've been back on the bike for about a month now, it just seems like i'm alot slower in the turns, i do all the jumps but seem to loose all my time in the turns. plus my bike feels real choppy in the rear and we have plenty of breaking bumps and ruts on our track. what can i do to make the bike feel softer? and flow over the breaking bumps better??? And to top all of this off, my buddy is like 240lbs, rides a suz. 250 two stroke, doesnt ride and puts little time on the bike and he's puttin in lap times of 108.8:banghead: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...i'm looking to go faster, heck i need to go faster!!!! hOW?????
  8. I went to put some fork skin on my crf 455 and when i went to take off the fork/axle pinch bolts, i discovered that one pinch bolt (left fork-outter bolT) is seized:bonk: I tried vise grips, PB blaster, sockets wrenches, etc. now the top of the bolt.head is all chewed up and the bolt is still seized...any help would be appreciated...I have ez outs, etc...I'm just so frustrated that this simple bolt is kicken my butt!!!!!
  9. Help me out guys.....put in new valves, springs and a high comp. piston(wiseco) 4 months ago...Had issues a few days ago, bike was getting hard to start...no problems since then. I did the normal spec. check, etc. Pulled off the camshaft holder/rockerarm assembly. Then, i noticed that the left intake shim was gouged around the edge in two places. Also, the shim didn't have its normal indent/imprint on the backside where the bucket and shim sit together. Also, the numbers were still visable on the shim(uncommon) Then when i looked at the intake valve stem, there appeared to be a raised dot approx 1mm in cir. and almost .006 raised above the top of the stem It almost looks like the outside of the shim stem end was wore down...I'm lost:bonk: !! Also, the inside of the bucket is normal. And are the intake valve stems the same dia. as the exhaust?? Because the exaust stems appear much smaller then the intake. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. nebert


    2005 CRF250R: replaced valves,everything is in spec. Replaced piston, rings, spark plug. Won't start with kick start, will start by "bump" start. Backfires when using kick starter. Any ideas?? Need help!!!
  11. nebert

    ***** Official CRF150R CAM Recall *****

    I didn't think my numbers were in the recall, but I got my notice from HONDA
  12. nebert

    valve shimming CRF450

    Is it OK to shim the exhaust and intake valves more than one time? I previously shimmed the valves ..approximately 15-20 hours on bike. Thanks
  13. nebert

    Carb questions for a crf150r

    I'm a little confused regarding the jetting...the manual says the main jet standard is 135..i'm swaping this out for a 140 main jet, the slow jet standard is 40..is the slow jet considered to be the pilot jet?...this will be swapped out w/ a 45 (pilot) jet..Also do i need to change the leak jet? Standard is 60. i have the stock pipe and header on this bike...also, does the boyseen pump accel. make a big difference....thanks for all ur help:ride:
  14. nebert

    2007 crf150r jetting

    does anyone know where i can order a complete jet kit for the crf150r? i'm installing a 45 pilot, 140 main, 40 leak jet, air screw is 2.25 turns out and a boyseen quickshot. Anyone know where i can readily get these jets? Also, will this set up give the bike more on idle and bottom end?
  15. i have a 2006 crf450r and it's leaking oil where the drive gear attaches to the engine. I looked and noticed a seal around the bolt hole. Should i replace the seal? Is that engine or tran oil? i did a 12" mud/slop race last week. i wonder if that did it? tons of mud on the bike and crammed in the drive gear , etc.