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  1. bjeide

    05 WR250f throttle stop

    The guys at the shop were able to get me the right part, but as for where and how to install it on an 05 they did not have a clue. The carbs pictured in the mods sections are not even close to mine with respect to the throttle stop location and removal.
  2. bjeide

    05 WR250f throttle stop

    This pic is completely different than the carb on my 05. The throttle stop is buried in the middle of the carb an it appears there is no way to get to it. I was hoping someone had a similar problem with an 05 and could walk me through it.
  3. I need some help finding the throttle stop on the 2005 wr250f. The pics in the mods section a completely different carb than mine. Talked with a couple local shops and they were clueless as well. I have all the other mods taken care of just need this one. --Northwest Trail Rider