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  1. You don't have mcct. Sorry
  2. +1 got itr in 2 days!!
  3. I would install the cam and check to see if it hits.
  4. Why not simply remove the return cable??
  5. without looks better!!
  6. I suggest you don't worry about the cam chain but get the oil changed. My first oil change was 20 miles then 50 miles.Just my opinion!! Steve
  7. Ya cause it looks to be the same size as your taillight!!!
  8. After the trail 70 I got my first real motorcycle 1970 something sl175. I was the king of the neighborhood with that twin cylinder bike. Especially after modding the exhaust !!
  9. Sorry if I was wrong. I thought what you said the first time was the story you were sticking with.
  10. Thousands of people have had them removed for years with no problems. Therfore I would have to say they are not very important.
  11. Dude you are asking for it. You are just showing off doing wheelies down the main drag in town. If you want to do wheelies wait till you get out a town on some back roads. Of course no one will be impressed or see you so it probably wont satisfy your need to show off or try to impress someone. Steve
  12. Sorry bout the DRZ. I hate theives and thats a good idea. A friend of mine has an alarm with a beeper instead of an alarm. Well one day the beeper went off and he came out the house with a baseball bat and got him some!!
  13. I can see where the tach sensor may be usuful. How did it look on the needlr?
  14. So is the power!!
  15. Thats right