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  1. I was having trouble starting my DRZ after about three months in storage. I had some aerosol starter assister I use for my mower , I tried it by spraying some into the air box ..... Big mistake ... The bike backfired through the carby and ignited the foam air cleaner . I scrambled to putout the fire ,end result burned foam air cleaner and melted cage . Another lesson learnt the hard way .. I now am after a good aftermarket air cleaner and would like some advice from other more experienced Drz owners Thanks Noel C
  2. NoelC

    Sprockets - Steel or Alloy?

    Alloy sprockets are superior for performance they reduce your unsprung weight and wheel mass which improves your acceleration and braking .I spend the extra $$$ every time
  3. Im getting better with my standing riding technique, i have installed standard bar risers from Ballards here in Australia . I want to raise the bars some more and mount them forward , i have seen forward mount type risers on some US bikes . Do the TT shop sell them ? I cannot find anyone in Sydney that sells them or has even heard of them locally . Also what is a good high bend handlebar that doesnt require throttle cable rearrangement? Any help much appreciated
  4. NoelC

    Catching Some Air (Photo)

    Im 49 riding again after a 20 yr break and luving every minute of it ..Go the old farts
  5. NoelC

    I am dying to put on my yosh rs-3

    Im thinking of buying a rs3 myself, the stock e jetting appears very rich my exhaust is full of black soot.
  6. NoelC

    Yamaha WR 450f Vs Drz 400

    The extra maintenance comes from having five titanium valves that really need constant attention ,my buddies yammies bottom end required attention after a long hard ride to Cape York in Australia and hes very fussy with oil changes and maintenance .The engine is finely tuned for performance but not recommended (by yamaha) to be used for dual sport type use with lots of road miles or constant high speed use for hours on end.
  7. NoelC

    Yamaha WR 450f Vs Drz 400

    My riding buddies have wr450,s they are faster lighter but cost more $$ initially are high maintenance and wont do the long hard miles like a DRZ will give you . Sorta like having a high maintenance model girl friend verses a girl next door easy going type woman, in the long run you are better off with the latter though the excitment value isnt as high .
  8. NoelC

    Rad. guards in Australia

    I bought some force radiator guards from MCA Parramatta i think they where about $140 , they fit well but do not wrap completely around the radiator like some Ive seen on pics here. I think the extra money is well spent in protecting the radiators from a side impact as well as a frontal impact.
  9. NoelC

    Greasing Steering Stem Bearings (Photos)

    Thats what i was afraid of .. Thanks much appreciated looks like afew hours work ahead .
  10. My bike is 3 months old and the steering head bearing sounds like its dry , it makes a squeaking sound , it doesnt appear to have any grease nipples to allow external greasing. Looks like a full front end dissassembly just to lubricate the bearings is this common ? Is there a easier way to lubricate the bearings?
  11. NoelC

    upgrades vs fuel consumption

    In australia we are paying about $6.50 a gallon for high octane fuel , but its still cheap fun riding with a fcr carb response and plenty of hp . Im lucky to get 100 miles out of a tank but get more than 100 smiles easily.
  12. NoelC

    Were is the DR Z400 power?

    When i picked up my e model it was derestricted went OK but after about 500 kl ms it really started to go , the instant throttle response from the fcr carb is awesome and the low down torque gives the bike grunt off the lights that makes it good fun to ride both on and off road . I could imagine a brand new restricted s model would be gutless and boring but as they are saying the 3x3 mod for a start then many other options will have you smiling in the end.
  13. NoelC

    Synthetic oil and running in

    Thanks for the input , i live in a moderate climate not very hot or cold all year round , winter is best for riding off road but never gets much below 10 c(or 50 f for the americans ).I will go the synthetic the bike feels run in and im very happy with it its a E model and is really going well the last few hundred klms.
  14. My bike has just reached 1000kms , I'm going to give it a second oil and filter change this week , the bike shop is saying not to use synthetic or blended motor oils yet as the rings and cylinder need more running in klms. Surely 1000klms is enough to fully run in the engine i want to put the best oil into it now not straight mineral oil like they recommend.
  15. NoelC

    tire pressure

    If you run heavy duty tubes its safer to run lower pressures off road especially in rocky terrain . 18 psi on road and 13 off road