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  1. Wait4me74

    2 screws?

    anyone have any ideas? please help thanks
  2. Wait4me74

    Suzuki 2 screws?

    So I went to change my oil after about 7 hours total riding time( 06 new)....guess my Suzuki has 2 screws for removing when doing an oil change?! Well both screws came off. One screw under the crank went back on fine. The one screw for the resevoir went on fine too...or so i thought. wouldnt tighten. So I unscrewed it, looked up inside the resevoir and yup some of the threads were stripped. The bolt its self was fine. So I tried again, with an extra washer on it. Now its completly stripped (not the bolt the hole) Am I in a really bad situation? I wasn't a fool when I put it on I cant see how the threads so easily disingerated (how ever you spell that word). Why is there two bolts?!. My neighbor says I should just weld the bolt on that hole and dont use it and only use the one to drain down by the crank? any thoughts??