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  1. 1upracing

    carb plug during canister removal

    the one above the left fuel line appears to be drawing a vacuum. If this runs to the bottom of the bike wont it suck dust and dirt? My mistake on the front hose routing. It was the port on the bottom front that I ran to the bottom of the bike. So did I get them mixed up?
  2. 1upracing

    carb plug during canister removal

    I plugged the one on the left side above the fuel line. vented the one on the front top to the bottom of the bike.
  3. 1upracing

    carb plug during canister removal

    sorry to bust in on this post. I plugged the vent on the carb and the bike wont run. Unplugged it runs. What did I miss? 08DRZ400s 3X3 mod, dynojet stage 1, FMF Q4 slip on.
  4. 1upracing

    Looking to get a 150R...

    I have one for sale. Email me for pics and questions. blake@1upracing.com
  5. 1upracing

    2006 CRF Bog

    I've tried both ways. It doesn't get any better with a leaner pilot. The bog stays exactly the same no matter which direction I go. I beginning to wonder if it related to the throttle position sensor or if its just a bad carb. Usually you can get a motor to do something different with jetting. I cant get the characteristics of the bog to change at all. I to the point that I'm going to take it to the shop, If its something that I am overlooking then I'll pay but I think there going to find that there is an issue with my carb. Tuning is not new to me, this one has got me stumped.. Thanks for everyones input. I'll let the results be known after the shop. Maybe I will have to spend additional money to change what the Honda engineers have done to get the bike to work right. You shouldn't have to do that though, unless your competing on a Pro level.
  6. 1upracing

    Weird Chain on my 05 CRF

    just because the adjusters are the same on both sides does not mean that the chain is straight. You need to sight up the chain to make sure that it is alligned with the counter shaft. If eye balling it doest work, motion pro makes a tool to do this.
  7. 1upracing

    2006 CRF Bog

    You wouldn't think that you would have to spend a bunch of money to get the bike close on the jetting. I'm to the point that I think something else is wrong. No matter what I do with jetting, the bog is exactly the same. The 170 Main, 45 leak jet, 48-50 pilot, NHFT needle on pos 3, fuel level raise 2mm, float bowl baffle removed are all recommended by Honda. I'm really tired of messing with it, not to mention that we spend alot of money to go to races with a bike that dies in the first turn. What good is a hole shot if the bike dies????
  8. 1upracing

    2006 CRF Bog

    Ok, how to get rid of the bog??? This is what I've done and where I'm at with no good results. Sea level 80degrees started out stock with the 0-1/4 throttle bog. Installed boyesen quick shot pump cover. NO RESULT. Installed NHFT needle on the 3rd pos. 45 pilot 170 main fuel screw 1 1/2 out 45 leak jet, removed float bowl baffle, raised fuel level 2mm. NO RESULT went to 48 pilot 2 turns out on fuel screw. NO RESULT, dies in first turn on the starts. re-installed stock pump cover and a 50 pilot back to 1 1/2 out on fuel screw. NO RESULT Mid and top are great, 19 hours on motor, valves are in adj, and plug read is good, stock exhaust, clean filter, etc.... WHAT TO DO????