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  1. I have been talking to theguys at mad racing here in Vista, CA souns like my bike is going to them next week, can't wait to touch the ground!
  2. Just purchased a 2005 525 EXC. Put the KTM low seat on it but I'm still way far away from touching the ground. I know I can get spacers put in the forks/shock to lower an additional 2'' but I am wondering if that is the best way. It stands to reason if you put spacers you are compressing the springs which is going to affect the ride. Is there any way to lower this thing and make it ride normal? Can they cut the springs? Re-valve? Money is no option I just want the best suspension I can get and still be able to get a tippe toe on the ground. Thanks, Rob
  3. I'll check into the EE seat I have read some reviews that say the ktm low seat is like riding on a bag of sheet metal screws even with the gel insert. DOes anyone run smaller rims? Just wondering how that affects the rideability.
  4. Yeah if all I did was go fast through the desert I wouldn't care so much about the height but when you are riding technical single track, lots of rocks roots and brush you have to be able to touch the ground or you will end up ON the ground skills or no skills. I have always had to cut the seat and get suspesion work done on everything I have ever owned I just like to see what other people have done or if there are new products out I'm not aware of. I will probably just cut the seat myself first, see about getting a little height added to my boots and evaluate from there.
  5. Looking for opinions from the shorties.. Bought an 05 525 EXC. I'm 5'5 so I can barely get my tipee toes on the ground. So here are the questions. Who makes a decent comfortable lower seat? I know I can cut mine if I need to but looking for something already done that works great. Anybody got the ktm hard parts seat that is 20mm lower? Anybody used or heard anything about the X bushing? supposed to drop the ktm 1.5'' Who makes offroad boots with a thicker sole??? Any other options aside from having the suspension cut? Shorter rear shock that I can just buy and bolt in? Thanks for the help! Rob
  6. rsbmg

    My new ride!

    Thanks to Steveio I am the proud owner of a 2005 KTM 525 EXC with a California plate! This bike is sweet and 4 grand cheaper than a 08! http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=30674&cat=2 Got it right here off of thumpertalk:thumbsup: Thanks Steve! Rob
  7. rsbmg

    07 450 exc or 08 530 exc?

    He had the bike listed for 7500 and I asked him if he got what he wanted he said yes. So he got at least 7 for it. I am almost thinking I will spend another year with my 1996 250 exc... All new plastics, new tires new brakes new pipe new air filter just had the front and rear suspension completely re-done got 2011 green sticker on it I need some carb work but other than that it can sit for months and fire first kick no problem. I could get a brand new carb for $330.00 thats alot cheaper than 10K haha But as you say there is nothing like having that shiny new beauty in the garage to go out and look at Just not sure if 08 will be the year I'm thinking fuel injection might be on the plate for 09 pluse give it a year to work out any kinks with the new engine.
  8. rsbmg

    07 450 exc or 08 530 exc?

    Well that takes care of that, the guy sold the bike this morning! So unless I find a good deal between now and November/December I guess its 08 530.
  9. rsbmg

    07 450 exc or 08 530 exc?

    Sounds like we are kinda thinking the same thing. Get the 450 because its an awesome price. Theo ther issue is my legs never grew out to normal size so I have to switch the seat out and get the suspension rebuilt for my 5'5 size so there is more cash... As for the price of the 08 8500 msrp 500 bones for dealer prep tax is like 700 then there is license dmv stuff. There is a waiting list for these bikes and the dealer WILL NOT negotiate because they dont have to. So I'm thinking buy the 450 ride it for a year or two then bump up to the latest and greatest 09/10 530 or 543 or 551 whatever they are going to call it that year Gives me more time to save up to the price tag too I suppose
  10. Just looking for some opinions on this... I have an opportunity to buy a 07 450 exc. 95 miles on it. Scott steering stabilizer, wide foot pegs and all the guards installed. Totaly clean with 08 registration for 7k even. or I can wait for 08 530 out the door stock no goodies at around 10k Obviously money is huge but my questions to those of you that have one or the other or have ridden both, Will I be dissapointed in the 450? I have been riding off and on for 23 years, have owned ktm 250 exc suzuki 250 suzuki DRZ 400 lots of riding experience. I ride southern california love single track technical riding but also have plans of getting out and entering some desert races. I am a above average rider at riding wide open through the desert. Obviously the 450 will meet my needs for the technical but am I going to risk losing races on the 450 when it comes to open desert? I am open to performance mods as well... Thoughts? Thanks, Rob
  11. Just wondering if anybody knew of 1. Any piston/Jug kits to upgrade the engine 2. If any other KTM engine would bolt-in ex-would a 300 bolt right in? Just keeping the old girl around till I pick up my 07 525 Then it will become my spare bike. Thanks for any info you provide Rob