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  1. smokinscott

    Friese getting better?

  2. smokinscott

    2016 - Atlanta Bench Racing Rd 7

    I thought it was a punk ass move to not get out of the way!
  3. smokinscott

    Stewart destroys Musquin's chance at a win

    Stewart is a punk! So is his brother!
  4. smokinscott

    Adam Cianciarulo....opinions?

    I have met and talked with AC mom and dad and they are very down to earth people who seem to try and keep him as grounded as possable. He is a very fast kid who will be a great one day!
  5. smokinscott

    Confirmed:Barcia to factory honda

    I thought he had mono! Now he ready to race the big boy class something wrong here!
  6. smokinscott

    Loretta Lynns?

    Starts Monday and goes through Saturday
  7. smokinscott


    After watching the second moto race Barcia is such a diva! OMG DID I JUST THINK THAT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. smokinscott

    High Point Winner

    I just watched the racerX post race show and he was great!
  9. smokinscott


    I'll bet he hurt the wrist he put his hands out the way I tell my kids never to do!
  10. smokinscott

    Place your bets, is #54 going to show?

  11. smokinscott

    Did "Superman" loose his power?......

    At least he showed up to race!
  12. smokinscott

    Whats With all the Spoilers Today???

    Join Date: Aug 2001 Location: Colorado Age: 42 Posts: 11,495 Read BEFORE you participate in this forum. You've been warned!!! - Spoiler Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We used to have an informal rule/courtesy where if you are going to post race results to put the word "spoiler" in your thread title. From now on, it is NOT a rule, but purely a courtesy, so we'll not be enforcing its use period. So, if you choose to use it, great. Like I said, it's a nice courtesy to your fellow readers. But, If you don't or forget, that's fine too. If you don't want to have a race spoiled for you, I'd suggest steering clear of this particular area of the site until you have watched said race. :smirk:
  13. smokinscott

    James Stewart to Miss Hangtown

    If I cant win Im taking my ball and going home!
  14. smokinscott

    Stewart is a hazard to everyone

    He would lap us all five times then crash all by himself and not finish the race!
  15. smokinscott

    Someone tell Ralph to STFU!!!!!

    Its like the thre stooges! Someone has to be the straight guy! He does a fine job and probly has more knowledge than most!