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  1. codyhartley

    Ft Drum, NY

    I have a Dual Sport as well.
  2. codyhartley

    Ft Drum, NY

    Anyone know of any places to ride around the Ft Drum area? The only place I really know of is Kellog Hill and Middle Rd down in Adams. I know there is a track just south of Watertown, and a trail system in St Lawrence Co. Where else is there to ride?
  3. codyhartley

    good trails

    try the northeaster forum, also if you go to www.trailsource.com , they have a subscribtion base and provide maps to tons of trails around the world
  4. codyhartley

    XT225, Review

    This is the best review I have read, I think it has persuaded me to a XT225. Here is the link: http://www.thumperpage.com/articles/Serow.html
  5. codyhartley

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Watertown, the North Country
  6. codyhartley

    250 engine

    Is the KLR 250 engine the same as the 94-96 KLX 250 engine? I found a website that offers a big bore kit for the 94-96 KLX engine that will make it 292cc's. If this is not the same thing then is there a kit that will make the KLR 250 engine any better? I know there is the new KLX250S, but I want to get something not so new.
  7. I know there is already a forum with the XT225 and the DR200SE. I wanted to throw the new KLX250S into the mix to find out how these bikes compare. Which is better in each of these catagories? If possible list them in an order (ie in acceleration: XT225 the fastest, KLX250S in the middle, then the DR200SE being the slowest) that was an exampe, I really dont know it thats true. Acceleration: Speed: Power: Ergos: Seat comfort: Streetable ability: Dirt ability: Weight: Aftermarket support:
  8. codyhartley

    03 CRF150F vs. XT225

    Im not in the market for a dirt bike, only a dual sport. The reason I asked was because I geve my old 150F to my brother in law. Now, I am going to buy a dual sport and want one that will out perform the 150F. I dont want one that is crazy big either.
  9. codyhartley


    I am thinking about buying a bike that has been converted to a dual sport. Do you think it will be as easy to register it as a factory DS? I am in NY. Thanks in advance.
  10. I was wondering between the 150F and the XT225, which one has the best off-road performance? Which is faster at getting around, and accelerating? Thanks in advanced for the help.
  11. I am looking for another option just in case I dont have the funds for a DR-Z400S. What are some cheaper dual sports that are out there that dont cost an arm and a leg. I will be using this for 50/50 riding. I am 5'8" and weigh 164lbs. I dont care if it is some off brand bike just as long as it will get me there without requiring a lot of maintanance. I also want to be able to cruize down the interstate at 75 mph. Any ideas? Buying used isnt a problem either.
  12. codyhartley

    what to do

    Exactly why I want the DRZ over the KLR or XR. I read that the KLR is mediocre off road and the XR just weighs to much for what I want.
  13. codyhartley

    what to do

    what are some of the advantages/down falls of the SM over the regular S? Just did a little research and found that the SM is more street capable then the S. I want a bike that is 50/50 capable.
  14. codyhartley

    what to do

    I wont be riding strait through. I will be stopping somewhere around the 500 mile mark and staying for a day or 2 then push on the rest of the way. I usually ride my dirt bike for 8-10 hours in one day, so I think it would be do-able.
  15. codyhartley

    what to do

    I am going to buy a DR-Z400S. I was just wondering, what are some of the things I can do to it to make it more street worthy and more confortable? I need to be able to make a 1000 mile trip on this, once a year. The rest of the street comuting will be no more then 20 miles round trip. I was thinking of getting a new seat for sure, are the suzuki gel ones any good? If there is a better one out there let me know. Also, I may get the hand guards, not to sure about them though. A rack in the rear will also be a must that way I can through a small bag back there. I will also be getting a bigger gas tank, any ideas? The ride doesnt have to be extremely cozy, just liveable. Anything else you can think of just chim in. I was looking at the KLR650 and the XL650R, but there is something about the DRZ that I like more, so that is why I chose this one. Thanks in advanced.