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  1. RT1000

    Wr450f / yz450f

    Hello. I have a 2005 WR450F and I am looking for some graphics for the front and rear fender, side number plate and fork protectors. Just wondering what year YZ are compatable?? Hard to find WR decals. I DO have the graphics for the tank, shrouds, swing arms and the air box. I did a search--but had little luck Any help would be great..Thanks!!!
  2. SWEET Keep us posted....I am currently do a 2005 WR450F myself. It might need a motor soon, It does run very stong, But is pretty noisy. But all in all my project bike is looking great, New plastic on,just gotta put on new rubber-got them today, Decal kit was shipped. Just wondering what u paid for the motor....I'm thinking it'd be easier to got that was than a rebuild. Good Post.
  3. RT1000

    Sherco 3.2 FOR SALE

    For Sale: 2005 Sherco 3.2 Brand new motor---maybe 5 hrs on it,cost around $3000.00 for everything. MY LOSS--- Your gain. Got burnt last year when i bought this bike. Motor was NFG when i got it...Hardly riden. Everything else good shape now. New rear fender installed. Will trade for simular cost motorcross type bike,YZ,WR,RM,CR,KTM 2 or 4 stroke Or dual sports. Asking $4500.00 OBO Located in Genelle, BC 1-250-304-3344 Email me for more pics
  4. RT1000

    Sherco...Front fork oil/seals

    Thanks for that. Now thats some great info. You wouldn't happen to know a good place to buy part and pieces for these bikes online would ya?? Thanks again for the help Aaron
  5. Hello. Does anyone out there happen to have a manual for a 2005 Sherco 3.2's front forks?? I'm looking for some info on the rebuild steps and amount of fork oil. Any help would be great. Thanks Aaron
  6. RT1000

    2005 scorpa....??? HELP

    Any one know of any good american sites/dealer to look at used bikes??? I live close to the border and wit the dollar almost at par maybe i can find a good deal. I have check Craiglist THANKS guys.
  7. RT1000

    2005 scorpa....??? HELP

    XTZ 750 You have mail PM SENT
  8. RT1000

    2005 scorpa....??? HELP

    Thanks for the heads up on the dealership with the 2008 for $5500. Nice deal. How would the 250 four stroke compair to a 250 two stroke. I know in motorcrooss bikes you need about double the fourstroke to equal a two stroke---i assume it's the same with trails right???? Anyone else out there have some links or dealer with used trials please do reply. THANKS eh----> Aaron
  9. RT1000

    2005 scorpa....??? HELP

    Hello guys and girls. I got a line on a 2005 scorpa sy250. $5000.00 FIRM It's in great condiion and comes with the long range tank also. It has 40 hours on it.....Is this alot for a 2005??? I'm new to the trials game. Whats the opions on the bike and the price. No trials dealer in the area(West Koots BC)...hoping this bike will be some what trouble free. I can do most things myself...but nice to have stealer help it i need. THANKS for any help. Aaron
  10. RT1000

    XiSPA---whats the word on them

    Nope----I haven't, Thats why i'm looking for some input. The closest dealer to me is around 8 hours away, if they where closer---Trust me, i'd for sure try one out. Thanks!!!
  11. Hello. Just wondering if anyone out there can tell me about these bikes??? I can pick up a brand new 2010 280 for $6750 here in Canada. Just dont wanna buy a P.O.S.---->Might just end up getting a used proven ride. http://www.xispacanada.ca/ Check it out---let me know Any input and reviews would be great. THANKS!!!
  12. RT1000

    04 RM250 Looking at getting FMF Gnarly

    Well thanks for the input. Pretty sure i'll go with the FMF Gnarly(looking online for a good deal now), and keep stock sprocket till i try it all out. Did you guys have to re-jet or stock. I'm planning on using the stock muffler to start. Where in BC are you Kantoniak?? I'm in the West kootenays. Anyways..thanks for the help Aaron
  13. RT1000

    04 RM250 Looking at getting FMF Gnarly

    Any out there using one of these pipes??? Input needed.
  14. I'm looking for lower end torque for the tight and twisties. Any one out there have some advice?? I do mostly trail riding and do have a fly wheel weight added. I will also drop the front sprocket one tooth. Just looking for some input. Thanks Aaron
  15. RT1000

    2004 RM250 Kick Start Recoil??No return

    Ok --Will do an inspection. Thanks for the help and the pointers guys. Aaron