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  1. kc_450_X

    LB7 duramax vs 6.0 powertroke?

    Don't buy a v8 diesel. Less main bearings. Firing order is not smooth as a straight six, shorter stroke, etc, etc, My $.02
  2. kc_450_X

    Plugging in my Cummins

    2006 Cummins is the best year imo.
  3. kc_450_X


    Ouch. I'm not a radiologist so my opinion is just an opinion but it looks like your back is ok.
  4. kc_450_X


    My boat cost me aprox $30 per trip in fuel. I use my boat for fishing so my kicker usually get more use per trip. All maintenance I do my self. The biggest cost is storage at the marina. $190 per month. I pay month to month so I only pay for 4-5 a year and park it in my driveway for the rest of the year.
  5. kc_450_X


    I'm sold aluminum boats. My 18' liftertimer is awesome. One day I would like to upsize
  6. kc_450_X

    Engine coolant heater

    I doubt there is much benefit to block heater that "flows" if the thermostat is closed. Keeping the battery warm and the oil pan warm would be a better idea.
  7. I do maintenance on a fleet with the LLY. IMO the engine is junk and a throw away. Most common problems are, EGR clogs, egr cooler leaks and recently we've been seeing #1 and #2 glow plugs go NFG. That is a quick fix though. When the engine wears past the 100k to 150k km range the next problem is fuel dilution from the DPF. When the exhaust regen starts, fuel blow by past the ring can fill the crank case in a couple days. , I would go for an older Diesel if I needed a diesel. If I didnt need one I would go with gas. Right now where I am diesel is more $$$ then gas and maintenance will always cost more.
  8. Either the seals are bad or possibly installed backwards
  9. kc_450_X

    XR100 stalling

  10. kc_450_X

    XR100 stalling

    take the carb apart again and clean the jets. I like to soak them in carb cleaner for a while before i blast them with compressed air. Make sure all the tiny holes in the pilot are clean.
  11. test the batteries then get back to us with the results... go from there.
  12. kc_450_X

    Wiring Nightmare

    Brutal story. I have a friend who put a sub woofer in his truck and didn't fuse it. He said it was only for a one weekend so it was ok. 8 months later the main power supply to the bazzoka tube shorted out some how. It turned red hot, then melted right through the main vehicle harness. F*cking dumb ass.
  13. Those wabasto's are a joke. Just so the driver can have instant heat. When they are running improperly they completely engulf the vehicle. The dicks from the factory like to install them so the fuel filters and fuel line are touch the exhaust pipe.
  14. kc_450_X

    newbie with a 1997 suzuki dr350se

    dr350 is a great bike. I had a 94 back in the day.
  15. I would be more worried about the truck than the engine. Cummins engine like to get worked. Hopefully the previous owner didn't abuse it and DID ALL THE MAINTENANCE!!!The truck will probably eat tie rod end like a baseball player eats sunflower seeds.