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  1. dhbiker

    Very odd

    it says something in your manual about why its doing that....but i dont have mine handy soo check that out
  2. dhbiker

    Check this wild ride!!!

    good bye snowmobilers that dirtbike sell your sled and by the mod and giver shit
  3. dhbiker

    Boyesen Quick Shot

    ...k well what jets did you use and set them at??? cuz the trial and error part sucks when jetting
  4. dhbiker

    LONGEST jump

    nice track wheres that @? i wanna go play on those hills
  5. dhbiker

    LONGEST jump

    thats a nice track..wheres that @?
  6. dhbiker

    Boyesen accelerator pump cover?

    how much was it to send your carb to them??...... looking at money to send your carb away and get the powernow and the accelerator pump cover what is cheaper for the power difference
  7. dhbiker

    colord tires

    hey where did you order them from...msg me if you dont mind thanks
  8. dhbiker

    I Crashed-- It Hurt

    you got owned......wow haha did the quad hit you after or which way are you falling over the handle bars or what ......haha once again wow
  9. dhbiker

    Project bike... 50 horsepower 250f

    hey wanna send me a what you found gave you the most power..cuz i want a bit more bang outta my CRF250r @ dhbiker....thanks alot