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  1. Are you looking at the DRZ 400 (yellow) in New Brunswick? The bank sale one? I work for Parts Canada and sell the electrosport kits page 818 of our MC Catalogue at www.partscanada.com These kits have many features and in there description they do indicate that they have brake light switches. Anyway take a look. PS I love the DRZ!!! Andrew
  2. The YUASA and Parts Unlimited ones I sell come with a full 1 year warranty.
  3. OK, Thanks guys. I have been reading about the bike for some time. yes I know about the 3x3 as well as the Dynojet Kit, and pipes available. As well as the skid plates, side covers and more. I work for a MC Parts company here in Canada. I have already ordered a bunch of goodies. Cannot wait to install!!! Eddie, I want to wait for the jet kit before I do the 3x3 mod. Thanks
  4. Anyone? Thanks Andrew
  5. $7,300 CDN, Taxes included =$6398 USD We have 15% Taxes here.
  6. Will the OEM plastci shock covers fit on the DRZ? It looks like there are threaded bolt holes on my 06 DRZ??? As well if I were to get the Dynojet Stage one kit, is there anything else "JET" wise I should get to upgrade while I am in there? Or is the kit the only part I need for the upgrade? Thanks Andrew
  7. Which model did you get. They make quite a few diffferent ones.
  8. yea yea.....
  9. Its still a bit notchy, but I seem to be getting used to it. In the trails it may be a small issue. Now for you guys to help me with all the MODS. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid203/p7f9f771dd7ed1f4b5e3ec6c5f4d5c14b/efa34355.jpg http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid203/p7f9f771dd7ed1f4b5e3ec6c5f4d5c14b/efa34355.jpg
  10. Its still a bit notchy, but I seem to be getting used to it. In the trails it may be a small issue. Now for you guys to help me with all the MODS.
  11. Right to the boards. Only wheelied her a few dozen times already. A few small donuts and burnouts. Just like she should be.
  12. I have an ATV, a few sleds, and have owned a few 2 Stroke KDXs. I plan on re-jetting and buying lots of stuff for the bike. I work for Parts Canada (Parts Unlimited-Canadian Version), so I have access to lots of Parts. I expect the bike to loosen up after some use, and realize that Thumpers are a little cranky down low. The bike is completely stock, brand new. I am not going to touch anythign until after the first oil change. Thanks, Andrew
  13. I just picked up a 2006 400 S today at Lunch and I put 35kms on it in the last hour. At low RPMs, starting off, the bike seems very notchy in that all of a sudden when the throttle is applied, it launches forward. In other words the transition from off the throttle and on the throttle is not very smooth. Is this somethig normal? Will it "break in"? Or do I need to do something? Thanks Andrew
  14. Priceless! I was chuckling before he went logging in the rhubarb.
  15. Picking up my new 2006 whip Thursday. Can't wait!!! Should be a little different then the KDXs I have owned. Thanks for the tips.