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  1. Hi, I recently had my bike stolen from my locked garage and hoped my house insurance would cover it. Turns out it doesn't and they claim to not cover anything over 50cc? Because anything under 50cc they can class as a childs toy! I live in UK and have a policy with directline home insurance. Just wondered if anyone else from the UK has had experience in claiming for stolen bikes under home insurance or whether it's common knowledge these policies don't cover motocross bikes? Cheers Mat
  2. Supercross

    Thanks from UK! And only a day after the actual race! Mat
  3. Thanks for the up! For those who want to convert to avi or dvd, you can use avisynth/virtualdub to frameserve the .mp4 and convert. Very simple and that's what i've been doing so I can watch them on DVD. Thanks again!!! Mat
  4. Thanks for the up! I convert this to avi from mp4 so i can play in my standalone dvd player. Quite few steps involved but is worth it in my opinion. The quality obviously is not better as you can't improve the source but it's certainly no worse. Thanks again and keep em coming! Mat
  5. Sweet Vid. That last comment reallt got to Stewart!!
  6. And finally the MX1 vs MX3 race. Will seed for at least a few days but am only on a 45 kb/s upload so please help seed once you've downloaded. Thanks Mat or
  7. As promised, Race 2. Thanks Mat or
  8. Working now folks, curently uploading!
  9. I have my torrent client open and am seeding, not sure why it ain't working? Will try a few things!
  10. Hi Guys, Just came back from the des nations myself and was awesome!! Made a recording and created a torrent. I have all 3 races, only just finished encoding Race 1, MX1 vs MX2 so enjoy - others to follow. Please seed for as long as possible! Cheers Mat
  11. Thanks for the file dude! Pretty poor coverage from OLN - was pulling my hair out when they showed a couple of minutes of the woman's championship - eating into crucial covergae time! Thanks again!!! Mat
  12. Hello again, Round 2 for your viewing! Cheers Mat
  13. Hi, Just encoded this last night, includes both the MX1 races live. Cheers Mat
  14. Hi Folks, This is my first attempt at creating/sharing a torrent - hope i've done it correctly! Also have the 1st round of the World Motcross from Zolder which i'll up in a couple of days - think the existing one's in french. Cheers Mat