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  1. raudy2

    XR650R Won't start when cold

    Try this: when the bike is cold, real cold, turn the gas on, gently lean the bike over and touch the handle bar to the ground for about a second or so, then lift it up choke it and kick. As we all know the stock carb floods the bike in an instant when she is layed over, this is what it needs on a very cold morning when temps are down and the air is thick ie; lean and cold. Difficult cold starts, combined with an off idle stumble that NO amount jetting will cure, are the two main reasons I went to an e-carb and never looked back. hth.........Wes
  2. Does anyone know what other honda 18" rear wheel, if any, will bolt up to a 650r? thnx r2
  3. raudy2

    650r seat hard as hell

    Is it just me or does any elses butt hurt after about 4-6 hours in the saddle? This is my first 650r, love the bike, hate the seat. I am a sit down rider and have rode nothing but kx 500's in the past. Wondering if anyone has any info on possably softer seat foam from another bike that would maybe fit, or a source from which to get said foam? thx Wes, gardnerville nv.