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  1. DualSportEXC

    New 610 just quits running

    As a last resort, I disconnected the TPS, and ran a bunch of fuel through the carb, and she started right up! "Lights on" light stills winks at me though...think I'll take some short trips for now. Need to experiment to see if the TPS connection is the culprit, or if junk got in the carb somehow. Thanks for your replies!
  2. DualSportEXC

    New 610 just quits running

    Thanks for the replies. I had done the carb changes and swapped the plug myself. The very last thing I did was pop off the carb top and change the needle position. It cranked right up, then died as described above. Today I disconnected the clutch sensor, no difference with both wires connected to each other or not. The petcock was on, and was what I initially thought was the problem. Replaced plug, checked plug wire and cap, had spark plug with the right cap on it, always replaced it by prying up from just above the bottom of the cap instead of pulling on it. Battery is just above 12 volts, low since I've been using the starter turn it over for testing. Have not ohmed the coil, but someone mentioned that that the ECU seems to be trying and is not dead. Drained the carb twice to make sure it was getting fuel, but I'm running out of ideas, and the 8 hour round trip (probably twice) is looking more likely. Wondering if it could be a mechanical problem (no compression tester handy), or if further electrical testing by the dealer may find something.
  3. DualSportEXC

    New 610 just quits running

    Went through the wiring, relays, connections, ECU and fuses again - nothing looks obviously wrong. Looked at the two fuses under the seat (one's a spare) and the two behind the headlight. Curious that the service manual draft says there are three (one spare) under the seat - maybe I missed one? Changed the plug. It will turn over with the starter, but I don't even get a backfire. With spark and fuel present, I'm now concerned about a mechanical problem in the valve train, something I'm not smart enough to address. Anyone have any ideas other than dragging it back to the dealer?
  4. DualSportEXC

    New 610 just quits running

    My 06 SM610 has 75 miles on it, CR8IEX, stock with 180 MJ, needle at 5th position, TPS connected, smog stuff intact, slight stumble at 4500 RPMs. Started it yesterday afternoon, it's idling with me on it. I noticed the green light that idicates lights are on (always on) winked off and then back on a couple of times over a few minutes. Then, while the green light was on and still idling, the motor just stopped running. No sputter, lean surge or bad noises, just stopped. Turned iginition off and back on, all lights work, but the motor turns over but does not start. No backfiring. Plenty of fuel going to the bowl and there is spark, but it seems weak to me. No fuses blown. My theory is an electrical short fried the ECU. Dealer is 4 hours away. Anything else I should look for?