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  1. Ermico

    2005 te 450

    hello freinds,ive been in love with my te450 since i bought it in 05,amazing bike,ride it like a tractor or ride it like a rocket !Many memorable rides with friends at stonyford.Sadly i must sell, the bike has been very well maintained,pro taper bars,sidewinder chain and sprockets ( ti moly rear sprocket),leo vince exhaust.Runs great,looks great,comes with stand,extra rear tire,extra plastic,hand guards and if your a size 9, ill give you a great deal on a new (used around 5 times )pair of sidi crossfire boots.Ill try to add a photo bike and extra parts 2800 or best offer,sidi boots 200.call 5307874234 (norcal) ask for jim.If your looking for a husky you should check this bike out!thanks.
  2. Ermico

    2005 te450 for sale

    hello to all ,Must sell my 2005 te 450,this is the most reliable bike you will ever own,Very well maintained, runs great comes with pro taper bars,leo vince exhaust,sidewinder sprockets and chain,Extra air filter,extra new rear tire,stand,and headlite kit,3200.obo call .5307874234
  3. Me and a friend are riding stony mon or tues,your welcome to join us if you want to ride stony.
  4. Ermico

    Stonyford Conditions

    Hey thanks for the info,Im going to check it out mon or tues dec28,or 29.Hey i noticed you own a trackmagic kart.i work for ermico ent. we are the original builders of trackmagic karts.I stared there in 1990 in SF on Hunters point.Trackmagic was created by the same guys that own thrasher skate mag.I built the first welding fixtures myself.We were a championship factory team for many years with drivers like george barros and Memo Gidley.We stopped making them in 2003 because it got so big we had to farm it out to a place in san jose,thats when quality took a big hit.The company was eventually sold after Fausto Vitello,one of the masterminds behind Trackmagic passed away in 2006.We made some kickass product for many years ,seeing the name brings back alot of memories.Thanks
  5. Ermico

    California Stonyford Conditions

    good morning, has any one been to stony in the last week or so?I would like to ride this monday or tues,wonderin if its possible.Thanks!
  6. Ermico

    Catching Wild Pigs

    Your company went after someone elses product,copied it and then went to have it made in China !Sounds like you worked for a bunch of hacks who were trying to make money from some one elses hard work!
  7. Ermico

    Riding alone!

    I agree that riding alone isnt the best idea but i choose that over not riding everytime.Our group rode twice a month for years and slowly they all dropped out,its down to once a year for most of them,and sometimes they fake out on that day!Im so hooked on riding that when Im ready for a ride I go.I call the usual friends, post on TT ,and go ride,If they show.\, great if not I ride,I got sick of people killing my ride with some bs excuse!,usually the nite before or that efin morning even.Screw that ,I get all stooked up, load my shit andthen get that call at 1 hour after we were gonna leave that "im still shitfaced from last nite" .Now way,Buzz Killington goes back to sleep,I head for Stony.Plan your route ,tell someone what time youll be back,ride mellow and enjoy!Having a reliable bike helps !
  8. Ermico

    Leo Vince X3 05te450

    Does anyone have this slipon on there 05? If so, were there any noticable changes? Did you rejet? Hows it sound?I have an 05 and want to upgrade.Thanks for the input.
  9. Ermico

    Stonyford on Thanksgiving weekend

    I've been riding stony for almost 10 years and thanksgiving has to be the worst weekend to be there,maybe a sunday morning ride.60%chance of rain for thur,nov 27!
  10. Ermico

    Black lab found at litlle stony

    Hey guys, just spoke to the Aspca about the lab,turns out he is in good shape, very thin ,alot of ticks but otherwise a healthy adult dog.He is not ready for adoption yet but they say he will be soon.He is a big guy ,when healthy at least 100 lbs.He seems mellow,could be a great dog for someone.Thanks for all the interest almost 400 people read about this dog on this thread.Lets ride sometime,
  11. Ermico

    Black lab found at litlle stony

    I think there is to much chorline in the gene pool!!!
  12. Hey guys, just got back from stony.Had a great ride about 45 miles, rode some of the race loop,yeah it was already marked,most of it anyways.When i got back to my truck there was a large male black lab laying close to it.People taht got there on thurs. said he was already there.Hes been homeless for a while,very thin.I couldnt leave him there so I brought him home with me(Esparto).We considered keeping him but with 2 dogs,4 goats,and about 18 chickens Im maxed out in the pet dept.He needed to see a vet so our only choice was to take him to a shelter.He is at the aspca in Woodland.I hope someone reads this that knows about this dog.He was very friendly looks like a great dog.The rangers we spoke to said dogs are left out there often.
  13. Ermico

    Stonyford ride Nov 7

    Wow no one wants to ride, thats cool ,anyone changes there minds ill be there,grren tacoma ,05 te450,little stony in about2 hours!!!!!
  14. Ermico

    Stonyford ride Nov 7

    Friday will be the only safe day to ride stony this weekend.The weather will be perfect, trails wet but not swamped,all the downed trees have been removed.Sat will be packed and sunday there is a race.
  15. Ermico

    Stonyford ride Nov 7

    Anyone interested in riding friday morning out of little stony?This is my first ride after an injury so it will be mellow but im hoping to ride 40 to 50 miles.Id like to start early,730-800 but im fexible.