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  1. What is likely the cause of my bike's problem? 2004 RM250 - bought it completely dead, got the cylinder bored and honed to a new slightly larger piston, put in a new crankshaft, new cylinder head, spark plug, etc. Mostly new parts except transmission which was ok. The bike is really hard to kick start - in fact so hard that I broke the kick starter try to kick it. It has a nasty kickback that happens every few kicks. The bike bump/roll starts easily and runs fine when started. I've actually ridden it probably 4 or 5 hours (thinking maybe it was hard to start due to the piston + rings needing break in). I've also tinkered with the magneto which now is in exactly the middle of the guide holes (but has the option for a little movement). Thanks
  2. mdf24

    2004 RM250 Exhaust Valve Rod

    awesome thanks
  3. mdf24

    2004 RM250 Exhaust Valve Rod

    anybody? Help please
  4. I am somewhat sure that I reassembled this assembly correctly, but I have no play (up and down) in the exhaust valve rod. Is that normal? Thanks
  5. That is what I am guessing as well....just don't want any recurrence after fixing the bottom end and cylinder
  6. I am replacing the crankshaft and have already removed the old one....I think the problem started in the top end, and then filled the bottom end with a lot of ring pieces and shavings
  7. The head looks the same as the piston, mangled with ring pieces buried in it
  8. Hi, I recently inherited a 2004 RM250 that does not start. I took it apart and the piston has some serious ring damage. I think it was caused by damage to the cylinder which caused the rings to get stuck and break apart. I am sending the cylinder to Powerseal for repair and replacing the crankshaft, but is there any thing else that may have caused this that I need to check into before reassembly and running it. So it does not happen again? THANKS!
  9. mdf24

    colored spokes??

    call Warp 9 - they sell anodized Buchanan spokes 801-706-5680
  10. Hi- My old man just bought a 2009 KTM 400 XCW and he can't really touch with both feet. He is about 5' 6". What is the best way or products to use to lower the bike. I've got some ideas, but wondering what is recommended and not a ton of work....my ideas: -shave the seat -buy a low seat - KTM, EE, SDG, Corbin? -suspension work -cut the subframe Thanks
  11. back up...but for the 450: http://www.mountainpeaksmotorsports.com/stainless-steelaluminum-exhaust-yamaha-yz450f-p-1123.html
  12. mdf24

    "It's not gonna be no easy task." - Nations Race

    I can't get the live video feed to work after waking up like an idiot - is it working for you guys? Mine never gets past the first screen even though I've tried refreshing it like 20 times....but it does play all the other videos at the bottom fine
  13. mdf24

    Lakewood hosting 2010 MXoN!!

    http://www.racerxonline.com/article/2010-red-bull-mxon-to-be-held-in-usa.aspx Youthstream is pleased to announce that the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations, will be run at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park facility, just outside metro Denver, in Lakewood, Colorado on September 25 & 26. Only three years after the amazing success of Budds Creek, Maryland, that marked the last professional motocross appearance of the legendary Ricky Carmichael, the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations will be back in the heartland of team USA, the winningest team of the last two decades. Over 30 countries will send their three best riders to compete for the coveted ‘Chamberlain Trophy’ – the equivalent of ‘Olympic Gold’, as the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations is also known as "The Olympics of Motorcycling". 2010 will mark the 64th edition of this event, and this will be the third time it’s ever been held in the USA, following this year’s Franciacorta, Italy edition. For this exciting return to the US soil Youthstream teams up with Thunder Valley Promotions, the company widely recognized best motocross organizer in the country for a strong and promising partnership. A statement from Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream: “We are extremely proud to bring the prestigious Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations to the Denver area in 2010. In 2007, we brought the event to Maryland, and it was one of the most successful motorcycle races ever accomplished in the USA. In 2008, we promised the entire world, both fans and industry, that we would return the event to the USA on a regular basis. Now, in 2009, we are glad to announce that we have fulfilled that goal, with the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations being held in Lakewood, Colorado the last weekend of September. We have communicated with riders, teams, industry, and fans. We have analyzed every aspect in choosing the proper venue – the infrastructure, the track promoter, the hotel availability, things to do in the city before & after the event, airport & access for fans that will attend from all over the world. Colorado and Thunder Valley Motocross meet all those standards and more. I would like to thank both Mr. David Clabaugh, the owner of Thunder Valley Motocross Park, and Youthstream USA General Manager Mr. Mario Marini. Together, they have worked very hard to make this event a reality. I would also like to thank the FIM and AMA for their support in making this happen. Together, we now have much work to do to make this the biggest & best motocross event ever in the USA, and quite possibly the world.” Dr. Wolfgang Srb, President of the FIM Motocross Commission (CMS) said: “This is a win - win - win situation for everybody. The biggest and most important Motocross race in the world returns to the USA, only a few years after the successful event in Budds Creek. This is brilliant news for the Motocross community and for all the fans. “The Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations is the showcase of our sport and deserves to be staged on the best venues. Thunder Valley Motocross Park ranks around the top venues worldwide and will be a first class facility. Congratulations to all who made this most important deal possible!”
  14. mdf24

    cam chain guide

    Hi- I have an 07 RMZ450. I just put a new piston in and am in the process of reassembly. The cam chain guide popped out during the process of the piston installation - which I think is normal. I am referring to the taller guide - the one closer to the front of the bike. I don't have the tools to take out the magneto to be 100% sure I have it back in right - and I am nervous about reassembling everything with that guide seated wrong. I am putting that guide back in based on feel - this is what feels most right to me, but can anyone reassure me? Where I have it you feel it kind of pop into a groove and you cannot easily lift it back out - you can it just takes more pressure. There are two pegs on each side of that guide about half way up - with it being in that position, the pegs are maybe 4 mm above the top lip of the cylinder and slip into a groove on the cylinder head. I think there is a 90% I have it in the right spot, but I want to be 100% sure....with out taking out the flywheel. Thanks
  15. mdf24

    Smr510 2008

    I am looking at some Marchesini supermoto wheels. The application chart only list the following bikes: TE250, TE450, TE510, TE 610, TC450, TC510, TXC250, TXC 450, TXC 510 Does anyone know if they would fit the 2008 SMR510? Also, ASV levers - do they fit this machine? Thanks