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    Considering buying 400 exc

    Thanks bob...the only problem is--they are kind of rare. Hoping I can find one around here a year old or so. They aren't too hard to find new, but they are pricey suckers, huh?
  2. GAtripper

    Considering buying 400 exc

    Thanks motoyoyo--they really look like sweet bikes. How does it compare to the XR you used to have(still have?). I've got an older buddy, and that's what he rides. He's probably a better, more experienced rider, and he seems a little concerned I'll show him up if I get the KTM--which I definitely hope to do! I'm looking forward to getting on the trails--been neglecting my rode bike, as Atlanta's a scary town to ride in. bouncing off a tree from time to time doesn't scare me near as much as some of the drivers around here do. Thanks again for the input--sort of reinforcing something I think I've made my mind up on already, but thanks anyhow! Tripp
  3. I've been researching bikes, trying to narrow my search. I haven't ridden a dirt bike in probably 10+ years, although I've had a street bike for the past 4. I've found myself thinking I'll sell the road bike, buy a dirt bike. I used to ride a good bit up through high school. Without riding anything yet, I feel like the 400 exc seems the best choice--I want something challanging that I won't get bored with, yet well mannered enough to handle tight Georgia trails. I'm 5'11", 185--what do you guys think, any other recomendations? Looking for a good all-around bike, that can handle a lot of different conditions--but don't want to get too much bike. I've ridden some rediculously fast road bikes, so even though haven't been on the trail a while, used to a lot of power. Thanks