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  1. woo hoo 1.5yrs and you represent! what a joke
  2. Some people and assuming that Idaho law is comparable to other states laws, Idaho is great but the people are mostly duesche bags. Here you are guilty until proven innocent. And I would like to say I'm surprised by the outcome, I'm surprised you didn't get any jail time. Living here is like going back in time 10yrs, so don't be surprised if the laws are a little outdated just like the people
  3. joelcory74

    06 450 Suspension hella nice

    ME! no adjusting yet
  4. joelcory74

    St. A dunes

    Check this jump out this guy was hitting. prob 190ft! to bad he ate shit on the landing
  5. joelcory74

    Lets see those 450's!

    Black rims kick ass!
  6. joelcory74

    Transmission failure

    damn that thing is shot!
  7. joelcory74


    Does anyone have a bike with red plastics and black fenders? pics please
  8. joelcory74

    just finished freshening up the ole baby....

    kinda looks like a patriotic theme, not my thing but hey if your good it doesn't matter what your bike looks like
  9. joelcory74

    Suspension ?'s

    Thnx all for the fast info great site, just got to wait till the sand is dry at the dunes
  10. joelcory74

    Suspension ?'s

    well I'm thinking just set the sag and see what happens from there, first real expeince was on dunes so maybe just need to get used to it?
  11. joelcory74

    Suspension ?'s

    Kinda harsh, but I think your right Obviously a XR200 is not a CRF450 so it will take some getting used to thnx any more info would be great
  12. joelcory74

    Suspension ?'s

    Well I'm not a beginner but I'm not a pro, I came off a XR200 and I rode the shit out of it. I'm sure its not technique, Its like the back kicks up after the jump and its just not worth it to eat the front fender is all. thnx for the info
  13. joelcory74

    Suspension ?'s

    I recently bought a 06 450R so far I only jetted it. My question is I just went to the St. Anthony sand dunes and, going off of jumps my back tends to kick up so I go into nose dives that would almost make me wreck so I just stopped jumping. So what do I need to do? I have never worked on suspension so if its too hard I just take it in to a pro. 185lbs 6ft 2in Any help would be great
  14. joelcory74

    05 - 06 Crf450

    If you look closely on the upper frame the year stickers are diff and thats all you can notice looking at them
  15. joelcory74

    Wider gear ratios?

    Hi I am new to the CRF and I just got a 06 450r and was wandering what I have to do to have a wider gear ratio, so theres less shifting. Pros and cons please