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  1. pwhallon

    Handling after lowering dr650

    Heelo, Okay: how will lowering a DR650 (the Suzuki way) effect the handling? Does it lower the center of gravity? Easier to balance at slow speeds? etc... Is it better for trail riding? PW
  2. pwhallon

    DR 650 service manuals on EBAY.

    Go to EBAY Type in the search line. dr 650 service manual They're $20.00 + 10 shipping. PW
  3. pwhallon

    WTB DR650SE service manual

    Hi Loaf_1, PM sent. PW
  4. pwhallon

    WTB DR650SE service manual

    I have looked on the web and can only find them up to 2002. My bike is an 06. Any ideas where to find a manual. Paul
  5. pwhallon

    lowering a DR

    Okay, the forks have eibach spring as well. Do you think it will be safe to lower the forks in the triple tree instead of internally? Paul
  6. pwhallon

    lowering a DR

    I just re-read this thread. If you look closely you'll see how the spacer works with the spring after it has been turned over. I wonder if the Suzuki spacer and adapter ring will work with the Eibach spring. I now understand how the Suzuki part re-sets the sag after lowering the bike. It sounds important to me. Paul
  7. pwhallon

    Lets see your DR's

    Nicely farkled by the p.o. Working on the set up. I need to lower her and gear her down a bit. Paul
  8. pwhallon

    lowering a DR

    I too have the Eibach spring and spacer and have been pondering the same question. I sure hope someone here has the answer. Paul
  9. pwhallon

    DR 650 Rear Shock Spring?

    Hey Man, I have no idea but, just for your info, the stock shock on my 06 is white. Paul
  10. pwhallon

    DR650 ride height- back to stock

    Hey UglyDL, Did you determine if the forks had been lowered? Thanks, Paul
  11. pwhallon

    Best sprocket combination

    Thanks for the great infomation. I think I'll go to the 45 rear. Have any of you tried a 48? Just curious. Paul
  12. pwhallon

    Best sprocket combination

    Hi ya'll, I have a 2006 dr650. 14 tooth countershaft sprocket, stock rear. I'm one of those weird guys who likes to go on very tight wooded trails. I need a creeper gear. The current combination dogs out at about 7 mph. Then when I gently engage the throttle, it stalls, or wants to jerk me out of the seat. I don't like slipping the clutch. So, I'm thinkin, put on a big rear sprocket for trail and woods riding. Change the countershaft from 14, to a 15 or 16, for on the road. IF this is a good idea, what size rear sprocket should I change to? Please advise. Thanks, Paul