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  1. Drilled out the brass plug for the fuel mixture screw . Just waiting for a larger main and pilot jet to arrive in the mail. Pulled the carb off again. Took everything apart except for the slide and needle. Soaked the jets in carb cleaner for a few hours . Cut a bristle off one of my stainless brushed to run through the pilot jet even though I could see through it. My smallest pin drill bit was .25 and was still to big. Put it back together with the mixture screw set at 1.5 turns out and so far it is idling . Does a little coughing while it is warming up but it runs. Going to see if the dealer has a mixture screw in stock and then chuck this one in the lathe and make a extension out of aluminium so I don't have to piss around with a screw driver bit. Unless anyone knows of a after market one that fits. Don't understand why Yamaha didn't use a mikuni carb on this bike instead of some odd ball.
  2. Can the battery have any effect on the way it runs. I did have the battery out cleaning things up inside the battery compartment. I only remember the two wires for the battery. I have pulled hundreds of carbs off of snowmobiles and cleaned them and never had this problem. This one has me stumped. It's been bugging me all night. I was reading a post where a guy said that if the carb is coughing back through the airbox then the timing is most likely out. I can't believe my timing went out between wrapping the header and cleaning the carp if it was idling fine 3 hrs prior.. there was never a loud back fire through the carb or exhaust.
  3. Just picked up a 2009 ttr 230 for the wife. Bone stock besides the baffle removed from the spark arrestor. Today I took the header pipe off and wrapped it in titanium header wrap. Pulled the carb to drill out the brass plug so I am ready for when the new pilot and main jets get here. Pulled the cover off just to check the jets and they were stock jets. Put everything back together and now the bike won't idle after it warms up. It will only stay running with the choke on. I tried during the fuel screw in to 1 turn and out as far as 3 turns and nothing works. 1 turn out and it stalls when on part choke. Is it possible that the header wrap is keeping to much heat in the pipe for the stock pilot jet. With the air box side cover off and the bike running ,the carb is spitting back into the airbox. Pulled the carb twice , thought maybe the float was stuck or the pilot was plugged but everything is clear . Any suggestions.
  4. I may try the BSR42 again in a week or so and I will be trying smaller main jets. But I will be waiting until the weather cools down abit. Yesterdays ride in 35C weather dam near killed me. Especially when we had to shut down because someone was stuck or waiting our turn to cross the mud hole. If the bike was hot it was a SOB to restart. Plus I wasn't use to wearing MX boots so that made it a little more of a challange for me.
  5. 2 hours and the old carb is back on. Suprised that it started after the 4 kick. I can smell that it is running a little rich with the 60 pilot but I will check it tomorrow. I can't remember if it was harder starting with the 58 pilot or not. As long as it don't pop or stall I can live with the stock carb until I have more time to tinker with the BSR 42. Might take a 58 PJ with me tomorrow just in case .
  6. I tried a 200 main jet but I couldn't get over 50 mph never had a bigger pilot either. With a 180 I can hit 60 everytime except then it dies. Checking the valve clearance right now and it looks like I am .oo3 on the front (Exhaust) and .oo5 on the rear (intake) . Pretty sure it should be .005 front and .004 rear. Gotta check the specs again. As for right now I am also putting the old carb back on for the weekend. At least that worked the last time I used the bike 2 yrs ago. 60 /160 jetting should work for the 415 piston I hope. One thing is I can take the header off and change a jet and pilot and be back riding in about 15 minutes. Not that it helped any...
  7. Well did another 3 hours of testing. Had enough for today. There has to be something else going on that I can`t find. I tried the 52 pilot and a 180 mj. Pull was good but still some poping on decel. Opened up the fuel screw to 3.5 turns and still the same. Changed the pilot to a 55 and also changed the mj to 185 just to check. Popping went away but but would still shut down like it was running out of fuel once it got over 350 degrees , coast a long ways and it would come back to life. Pulled the carb again set the fuel height to about the gasket level and tried it again, same thing. went back to a 180 mj and from there on nothing worked. It would pop like crazy on decel and even if I tried holding a steady throttle after about 1é4 mile it would surge up and down, the odd time it would die. Several kicks to get it started. I even tried a 175 mj and it would run fine on the top end for a bit and then shut down. Then I lost my temp readings so I don`t know what is happening with the temperature on the cylinder. So now what is the problem. Not enough fuel in the bowl, to much fuel in the bowl, running lean or running rich. What about if the valves were out of adjustment. Every time I pull the header it is black and sooty. Even the valve stems on the exhaust side are sooty. That tells me rich. I think I will check the valve clearance and if they are good I am going to try the stock carb for the hell of it. Wonder how much more jet I will need with a 416 piston.
  8. The Fox F3R race boots just showed up. I would call them a race boot. They are not the super stiff stuff I have tried on. I would call them a perfect trail boot or someone who plans to walk a little bit. They feel very comfortable walking around the house. I went one size bigger then my walking shoe and I might be able to get a second pair of socks on but it may be a little to tight then. I guess the weekend ride will tell me how they really are. I would have ordered the Gaerne SG10`s but they would not have been here in time. These only give me a day to break them in. SG10`s would still be 2 weeks away.
  9. Got a selection of pilot jets from 47.5 to 55. I installed the 52.5 and will have to wait until tomorrow. Raining to much right now. One thing I did notice is that the idle drops off after 2 turns out to about 1400 so I set it at 1.5 turns out and it picked up to about 1550 where I had it set. 50 pilot might be just right but I am testing this first and leaving the clip on the second from the bottom.. Wonder how much richer it would be if I installed the original non gordon tip. Right now I have the 96 tip with no spark arrestor ( didn't come with it when I bought it used)..
  10. Just got back from testing again. 180 mj and the needle 2nd from top and the bike would pop on decel over 3/4 throttle. On the side of the gravel road I pulled the header , off with the seat and lifted the sub frame. I put the clip second from the bottom. Took it for another rip and it will pull hard up to about 50 mph and then if I hold it steady and then let off the gass it will pop and back fire a small bit on decel. Tried he fuel screw out 3.5 turns and still the same thing. Once when I had it going good at close to 60 mpg it died so I guickly pulled the clutch , hit the kill button and jammed on the brakes to stop as fast as I could. Pulled the plug and it showed a hint of brown at one point. If it was lean wouldn't it be completely white. When it would die on decel it would take a bit of coasting to get it ti fire back up. One time I didn't think it would catch but it did. Now I am leaning towards a bigger pilot or maybe I screwed up and should not have done the slide mod. I drilled both holes to a 1/8 drill size. Hope the dealer has some.
  11. Looks like I was going the wrong way with jetting. Could hardly sleep last night trying to figure out what was going on. I pulled the uni filter and it was clean but I had some Ready filters I bought a few years back. Figured what the hell put one on. Pulled the carb and looked it over again . Jets were clean but blew them out anyway and I said I am going to try a 180 again. The bike pulled with the 180 before and never gave me any signs until 60 mph. Now the bigger jets did it around 40 mph. Also lowered the fuel height. (I know only do one thing at a time but it gets old real fast taking off the seat and sup frame to do any float or needle adjustments) Also left the needle at the second clip from the top. Took it out for a quick rip down the back alley and no hesitation at all. Now it was heating up quick I thought. I had it running for a minute or 2 in the garage, then putted slow out the driveway and into the neighbors back yard to get to the back alley. Took it easy down the back alley to the end (700 yrds) and then turned around when through the gears quick and got up to about 45 mph and then backed off again, scooted to the house and back into the garage. All in about 5 minutes and the temp was around 250F. Worst thing is to have a temp guage and now you stare at it all the time wondering. I hope to get it out this afternoon to check it better. Running out of time to get this ready for the weekend ride. Maybe the plugs won't read very good because I am running premium gas. I will not put that ethanol garbage through any of my toys.
  12. I had the jetting in the ballpark where everybody else is. You have to take a high speed run in order to check if you are lean or rich. No other way to find out. A 4 stroke will take a lot more running lean then a 2 stroke. I don't run any longer then 10 seconds at full throttle. Right now I am moving the needle leaner to see what it does. From a bit of other info I have found on the net it might be a fuel level problem. I am going to see if a fuel level lower then the gasket surface will help any. Right now it is about 2 mm high. The bike seems to surge when I hit the 5500 rpm range, after half throttle is where it seems to happen most. I have tried the needle one notch down (richer) and one notch up (leaner). I can't even get a brown plug so I have to do some other investigation in to what is going on.
  13. 200 mj and needle clip second from the top and it still fricken hesitates at 5000. I wonder if that trail tech vapor can screw with the spark plug firing. About ready to give up and friends have a ride planned this weekend and I said I would go. I am completely out of ideas as what to do next. To the point I have been taking my chances ripping up and down the back alley. Hope the neighbors don't get pissed.
  14. Just can;t get this carb tuned. I have been testing the last 2 days. Yesterday I took it out for it;s first run after installing a 416 piston and the BSR 42 CARB. I had it jetted with a 45 pilot, and a 180 MJ and 3 turns out on the air screw. Took it for a rip and after the engine was warm I tried out the top end. Fell flat on its face at 60 mph and died, . Thought I cooked it for sure. Let it coast a bit and it came back to life. Well now I am thinking lean on top not big enough jet or low fuel volume in the bowl. Took the plug out after another high speed pass and it looked a little to clean, no sign of brown at all and this is the old plug. Been a long time since I tuned a 4 stroke, and not sure how fast the color of a plug will change. I know a 2 stroke will change right away. Took the bike home and pulled the carb. I moved the clip down one making it the second from the bottom and installed a 185 MJ. Went back out today. Starts fine and idles nice. Got down the road about a half mile temps climbng steady, time to open it up again and it falls on its face and stumbles then goes again stumbles. Kind of like a hesitation, lack of fuel sort of problem. Now that can't be right, bigger mj and needle is higher should be more fuel. This hesitation starts around 5500 to 7000 rpm. and the wierd thing is I seen the rpm spike to 12500 rpm on the Trail tech vapor computer. Has to be a false reading but seen it several times over the testing. Did a plug chop while this was happening and the plug looked a little black around the edges and slightly on the porcilen. Now this tells me rich. So I turned the air screw out a half turn at a time and it got worse. Time to head to a buddy's house, enough of loading and unloading to take this home to change stuff. I pulled the carb, put the clip back in the middle and also installed a 190 mj. Went for a rip and it felt better so I thought. Still around that 5500-6500 range it will hesitate if I give the throttle a good wack. If I roll on it slow it is better but still flat on the top end. Starting to think about putting the old carb back on at this point.(not just yet) Bottom end is great with the BSR , throttle response is bang on until I pass 5500 rpm. If the Vapor is reading correctly that is. Tried messing with the air screw 4 turns out, crappy. 3 turns out better but still hesitates, 2 turns out hesitates and backfires a tiny bit on decel. 2.5 turns out still hesitates and back fires on decel. Only thing left to try is a bigger mj. Can't be the pilot jet to small, bike starts and idles fine with good throttle response. What does the starter jet do in these carbs. There is no way this bike should need a 200 MJ when the bike it came from only used a 150 mj. But I guess another test will tell.
  15. Anyone wearing the Fox F3R boots. How do you like them.I just ordered a pair and hope they fit better then the Fly or Thor boots I have tried. Should have just ordered the Gaerne SG10's off the batbut the best deal is the USA and they won't get here in time. I tried the Fly Maverick boots, they seems to fit ok when I tried them on in the store, walked around a bit and figured I would give them a try. Got home from holidays and tried wearing them around the house for a few days to break them in and no way could I get them comfortable again since I tried them at the store. Where the boot bends it digs into the top of my ankle. Very little padding inside but can't expect much for $100. Next I tried a pair of thor Ratchet boots, size 11 but when they showed up they were way to tight and I dought they would stretch enough to be even be close to comfortable and of course they didn't have a size 12 to try. Hope these F3R's are comfortable and break in some what easy. If I didn't need them by friday I would wait and get some Gaerne's for sure.