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  1. Ill give the fuel screw a try tomorrow. Hmm, no It did not come with one. But the fmf pipe did not have one and it did not pop. Could that really be it?
  2. Are you sure? The midpipe joint is much tighter than the old fmf setup that was replaced, and that did not pop. I don't think its leaking(can't feel any escaping exhaust) or getting any air. Could it be anything else?
  3. Recently switched the pipe on my 2003 yz250f to a drd slip-on and the bike runs great, except when it is declerating. At that point it pops every few seconds. I have never touched the carb, but am not afraid to, so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. It's the high-flow header, though I have to say I like the stock header because it has the gaurd on it. Also if anyone is interested the fmf system is now on ebay- FMF Exhaust System
  5. costed me about 140 with two valves shimmed. He also did a close inspection of the valves.
  6. Recently I was going back to stock exhaust on my bike, from a FMF TI4 exhaust. The FMF came on the bike when I bought it, and it was to loud(very deep), my cousin who lives about a mile away could here me riding the bike! So I purchased a stock header for my bike, and while looking for a stock silencer I came across a cheap DRD slip-on. It was in good condition and cheaper than the stock silencer. Having heard only good things about DRD pipes I got it. After installing it and the stock header, all I can say is WOW. It is quite a bit quieter than the fmf pipe, and it seems the pipe has put the power just where I like it, mid to top. Though it seems it has lost a bit of power on the bottom, it feels like the DRD pipe pulls harder than the fmf pipe, though its just a seat-of-the-pants thing, not a dyno. So for anyone looking for a pipe, my vote is for DRD. P.s. The fmf system is a full system, the drd is a slip-on.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but I was considering hot cams, but was curious about the performance gains of both stage 1 and 2 kits. If anyone could give me some feedback it would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks all, I think im going to get one in a few weeks.
  9. Just wondering if a magura hydraulic clutch is worth the $200. I recently used it on a ktm and it was smooth and had a very easy pull. Also the idea of self-adjusting for clutch wear sounds nice. The fact that it doesn't fade sounds nice also. Basically I'm just wondering if anyone has used it and what their thoughts are on it.
  10. Hmmm, that makes sense, thanks.
  11. Sweet, Thanks
  12. Thanks, Ill try both suggestions.
  13. Searching is disabled so...It seems like the tops of the gears on my bike could pull a little longer, but end up hitting the rev limiter. Like for example just before a turn ill hit the limiter, so what gearing would help me carry the gear for just a bit longer? thanks Note: Gearing is the stock 13-48
  14. hmm, too bad, it was worth a shot.
  15. Thats what I thought but if I got It and it didn't fit I thought maybe a professional muffler shop could change the bend for like $30?