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    250 L With 280 kit Jetting ?

    I started w/ jetting recommendations for a 280, and the settings were way off. I put a used street tire on the back wheel and took my bike to a local shop with a dyno. Dyno tuning was the best $100 spent.

    Build a XR250 woods weapon?

    Select your mods carefully as the $$$ can add up quickly. Here are the mods on my 01 XR250. Engine "Wiseco" Big Bore Piston 78.0mm #4466P20 $129.97 "Wiseco" Big Bore Head Gasket $22.95 Cylinder Machining for big bore kit $100.00 "SRC" oil coller kit $340.91 "Ty Davis" Hot Start $104.41 "K&N" Air Filter $39.00 "Uni" Hi Flow Foam Filter (2) $42.67 "Thumper Racing" Stealth exhaust baffle $119.00 "Cycle Max Services" dyno work & jetting $106.67 Suspension & Handling "WER" Suspension - Gold Valves /1" Raise $647.69 "Answer" Pro Taper Handle Bars $86.67 "Applied" Top Triple Clamp $104.41 "Scott" Steering Damper & mounting kit $600.00 "Faast Company" anti-vibration bar ends $48.55 "Serfas" - Dual Compound Spider Grips $16.55 Guards "SRC" Foot Lever / Case Guards $99.95 "WER" Skid Plate $62.00 "Acerbis" Pro Ralley Bush Guards $83.33 "BRP" Rear Brake Disk Guard $52.33 "BRP" Chain Guard $56.33 Drive Train Rear Sproket - 49 Tooth $79.17 D.I.D. X-ring Chain 520 $96.60 Egonomics & Cosmetics "Aloop" MX tank and seat $499.00 IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs $86.00 Front Fender (black) $39.95 Rear Motocross Fender (black) $44.95 "Acerbis" Vented # Plate $54.95 Enduro "ICO Racing" Checkmate Enduro Computer $650.00 Accessories Route Sheet Holder $26.67 $4,440.66

    xr250r questions

    I think you would be happy with XR.

    buying XR250R; where to look for problems

    Put the bike on a center stand and check the following, 1) stearing head bearings were not grease well from the factory, if the bars do not turn side to side easily the bearings may be rusted. 2) check play in the wheel bearings and swing arm bushings.

    2003 xr250 engine

    I saw an 05 motor listed a few months ago in an ebay store. They were asking $800.

    1996-2004 xr250 engine . whats it worth ?

    If it is just triple clamps and forks, why part it out. You can find these used parts on ebay, and then you have your ride back. Or then sell it as a complete bike.

    1996-2004 xr250 engine . whats it worth ?

    There is an 04 engine on ebay for $800. I would expect $500-$700

    Need new front wheel! - any one got one?

    There is a complete wheel on ebay for 146.16.

    Make My XR280 Better

    Aloop seat is more firm than stock seat, but not as hard as a KTM. I have riden bikes with Ceet atfer market seats and they are hard as well, still not as hard as a KTM seat.

    Hard to start after fall

    My xr250 has a Terry Cable hot start system. The switch mounts on one half of the clutch perch. The bike will start +/- 3 kicks after a throw-away. Hot start tube mounts on the intake manifold (between carb and engine). Allows fresh air into the motor to quickly cure a flooded scenerio. Works great.
  11. Anyone out there gone on this ride? Any imput would be appriecaited.
  12. Installing 2 units is probably over kill. Remember that with ever added oil line, you are adding more connections and more locations for potential leaks.

    Thumper Racing XR400 Exhaust Insert

    I have one in my 01 xr280. On the dyno it produced more HP than totally uncorked or the stock (opened) insert. Worth every penny if you can find one.

    Honda should have built this.....CRX300

    Looks great. Keep a running tally on the $$$ spent and the # of hours to build it.