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  1. XR for CS

    Need XR75 1973 50MM Piston

    My 73 XR needs a new piston and rings. Its bored and I need a 50mm piston. Powroll makes just what I need but they want $160 bucks for their kit. I think that is a good deal but I can't afford it right now. Anyone have any ideas for something cheaper or anyone have a used stash of parts. I can always bore the cylinder bigger but can't go smaller. Thanks
  2. XR for CS

    XR 250 Fender & Number Plate

    I want to get rid of the tail light and head light on my 2002 XR 250. Is there a replacement out there that fits where the stock stuff is? Can I remove my lighting coil and regulator also? Thanks No one answered my post with the original title. Maybe more people will look at it now