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  1. bigbird77

    California KM trails

    this will be my second time to kennedy meadows and was wondering which trail is the hardest and most challenging and which is the most fun. thanks
  2. bigbird77

    California kennedy meadows

    I was curious how busy it gets on the 4th of july. if all the campgrounds are full or if its pretty mellow. tryin to decide what to do this weekend
  3. So how would one get to the hixon trail. I tried to look up Bautista Cyn but didnt come up with anyting. Any info would be great thanks.
  4. bigbird77


    After finally going to kennedy meadows for the first time last summer, it's all i been thinking about and can't wait for the next trip. I was just wondering when the opening weekend is. thanks
  5. bigbird77

    Kawasaki 400 Problem

    My father has a stock 06 kfx400. it will start with the choke on but dies as soon as you turn it off. and you can't ride it with the choke on, it bogs and sputters. It is brand new with no more then 10 hours. Cleaned the carb and no luck. any advise? thanks ahead of time for any info.
  6. so if I order a new head from servicehonda.com it will come with the guides and seats already installed? And it would be best to install an 06 head on my 03?
  7. bigbird77

    First Time to Kennedy Meadows

    I'm hoping on going out for a first time trip to KM in a couple weeks but was wondering what the chances of getting busted for a red sticker would be. My buddy has a 03 Wr450 with a red sticker and don't know if he will be alright to go. Any info from personnel experiences would be appreciated. thanks