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  1. creamcheese

    Plastics for '15 WR250R

    All years are compatible. Nobody makes after-market plastics for the WR250X/R. You have to buy OEM plastics. "X" and "R" front fork guards are shaped a little different. You do not get all the little sponge pieces, foam blocks with the plastics. The "scoops" are expensive but, the other pieces are reasonable. A OEM white front fender for a DRZ400SM is over $100.00 Fg
  2. creamcheese

    2007 wr250r

    You are correct about the Japanese having 2007 WR250X/R.
  3. creamcheese

    What Front Fender do you run?

    Black Acerbis Evo Universal Supermoto Fg
  4. creamcheese

    EdgeTailLight and Vololights

    I don't do wheelies anymore !
  5. creamcheese

    EdgeTailLight and Vololights

    "I was wondering why the edge tail light has such a steep angle for the license plate" To not be seen by those who wear squeaky black shoes, and have donut crumbs under their fingernails !
  6. creamcheese

    drz400sm chaingaurd ideas?

    I sell blue washers, we have a couple of different styles. http://www.drcproducts.com/body/d58-51/index.html
  7. creamcheese

    Ufo drz400 plastic kit

    Sorry about the "blocked" thing. I don't know why it happened. I do not carry the Tusk Impact Wheels, sorry. I import wheels from SM Pro (A division of Central Wheel Components)in Birmingham, England. Fg
  8. creamcheese

    Ufo drz400 plastic kit

    The UFO kits come with a front fender shaped very similar to the OEM "SM" front fender in white,blue, and black. We also have UFO blue front fenders shaped like the "S"/"E" front fenders that can be "swapped" for the other one. We custom order these plastics direct from UFO in Italy. Fg
  9. creamcheese

    Yz/wr wheels on drzsm?

    The crucial issue is the width of the rear hub of whatever you end up using. If the rear rotor, and rear sprocket don't line up, you can not "fix" that issue. A long time ago, I was able to use a rear hub from a Yamaha YZ250F. I think it was a 2006. The width of the hub was really close, just had to make wheel spacers. Pro Wheel helped me with this project. The bolt pattern for the rotors are the same, but, not the rear sprocket. Obviously, you won't be able to fit your speedo unit. Fg
  10. SM Pro front hub has speedo fitting SM Pro front hub has speedo fitting
  11. SM Pro front hub has speedo fitting.
  12. creamcheese

    DRZ 400s ---> SuperMoto: Building Wheels

    They are 36 hole, front and rear. Contact Warp 9 and ask them the diameter of the spokes they use, and nipple size. Some companies use bigger spokes with their own hubs and rims. They(Warp 9 ) should be able to supply you with spokes for using the stock hubs, even if they normally use "fat" spokes for their wheels.
  13. creamcheese

    Supermoto rims

    The $1,600.00 must have included rotors,sprocket,tires, and tubes. Shipping to Australia wasn't cheap. You asked " why", probably because he wanted to. I think its great! Part of owning a bike, is making it "your bike". He picked a great manufacturer, SM Pro/Central Wheel Components !
  14. creamcheese

    Supermoto rims

    I had a 120/70 x 17 on the front, and a 150/60 x 17 on the rear of the CRF250L .http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/product/sm-pro-wheel-setcrf250lsm/600 http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/news/sm-pro-hubs-for-the-crf250l-installed-check-it-out/19
  15. creamcheese

    2008 Wr250x/r white rear fender

    We (WCS) will sell the pieces separately if needed. Fg