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  1. moterskills

    I called XR’s Only

    not to psyced on xrs only...two out of three parts they sent me were for the wrong bike..and I told the guy XR650L at least 5 times...They were also supossed to call me to set up a wholesale account-TWICE)i am a motorcycle dealer)...never got a call... Last time I will do business with them When you piss off consumers and dealers you are headed down the wrong path---Even the guy on the phone sucks to deal with
  2. moterskills

    Clark fuel tank

    Sorry...An XR600 tankk will not fit an XR650L unfortunatly -I have both an XR600 & an XR650L..tried to swap them before I bought a clarke 4.0-Gal for my 650L Found a 4.0 Gallon clarke tank for $159 on ebay for my XRL