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  1. 450's 1 2 22 75 5 FQ=1 250's 38
  2. 1. JS 2. RV 3. CR 4. RD 5. JG JS is the fastest no doubt..but how healthy will he be for A1? I am thinking he will be good enough to win..which is scary. I am thinking CR will be the most prepared of all the riders physically/mentally but want RV to get 2nd. By the end of the series..RV will be the #1 rider in the Kawi camp for SX and MX and Reed will not like it and there will be tension. I think that RD,JG, and maybe in CR and RV will be close that the start is going to be so important. JS would be able to come from behind...but we all know that he sometimes pushes the envelope a bit too far. Lap times I think that JS will be a full second on everybody and the rest will be within a second of each other. CAN'T WAIT!!!!